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| So GIMP sucks major dick and couldn't do nearly as much as photoshop last time I used it. But I'd rather stick a hot needle in my urethra than deal with Adobe bullshit. Is there any image editor that's comparable to photoshop, but without the predatory business practices? Bonus points if they're either FOSS or just supported on Linux.

| I use FireAlpaca. Moreso a paint program than a photoshop program but it can do the job well enough, plus has an awesome logo.

| What do you need it for? Drawing or photo editing or something else?

Krita and FireAlpaca are pretty good for painting. Photopea isn't bad for simple edits. Paint Tool SAI, ClipStudio, Affinity if you don't mind paying.

| photopea.com is very nice, I practically abandoned Photoshop thanks to it. But I doubt you can use it for professional stuff

| Just pirate photoshop if your only problem is "predatory business practices"

| I guess I could just pirate photoshop yeah. And I am talking professional grade, yeah. I used to do graphics work professionally and that kind of editing is still mostly what I use it for.

| Maybe Krita or AzPainter?

| Those don't really serve image editing needs though.

| Affinity Photo is professional-grade, might be a good alternative?

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Oh, ok.

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