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/tech/ is incredibly horny lately

| Stop flirting! Talk about systemd and gentoo or void some more. I use arch btw

| >>1016843 Your arch looks such a cute~ did you compiled it whole yourself? such a good g/u/rl~

| Mmmmm what if you tiled me up against the wall and made me your focus? I wanna apropos you and man you and learn everything about you. Something something package manager

| >>1016858 >>1016876 get off my gurl dick!! Go do nerdy shit or something, get that hormone out of your system! It's a bloat>^<

| this boutta be a dorothyposting thread

| >>1016898 don't be silly, i know that you use Arch, but you should try some lewd things too~ Did you heared about that for example Windows or Mac is full of bloatware? You can may try it~ We can start by drinking Wine together and launching few exe files or may~ swap last e with s and rotate and play it with little bit we could may find out what we can do little g/u/rl.. btw. i bringed some toys *showing ropes*

| >>1016980 hell no, piss off, I'm not touching wine for the fourth time this week. And get that ropes away from me, I'm not that rape hungry OP from /d/, If you wanna play with anyone go play with her, this is /tech/ not /secx/ btw

| Wow, be easy, g/u/rls!
BTW, about Void, its subsystem xbps-src is nice, and runit so fast, but it still "pushing" wayland everywhere, that I do not like. And now thinking to switch distro.

| >>1017041 when he started talk about void i knew that he is pretty submissive and xbps-erc.

>>1017039 But wine will allow us to launch exes, don't worry, I'm not jealous, i can play with all of you:3 ahh, your hands are so smol and cute *tying them behind your back* they looks much more adorable~ *placing you on bed* your legs will need some rest too~ *tying your feet* what should i do now? *Thinking* it seems you didn't update your distro yet, i will help you *updating your os*

| >>1017050
You think? *rofl*
About wine, I agree, that helps sometimes, but I trying to avoid using it and search analogies for app. It is not panacea, unfortunately. Some apps aren't has analogies on linux, so we have to run them under wine, if it works under it of course.

| >>1017050 nooooo, don't update my os!!!!! Shit will breakkkk, You'll ruin my workflowwww I just want it to be stable...*hic*

| using wine is a sin

| Oh no ur kernel didn't come with drivers for your navidia card! Looks like you'll have to work hard all night on me~

| *neofetches your mom*

| *fastfetches all over the place *

| i love sex btw

| >>1016843 Yes, let's talk about me arching my back and using your enormous systemd to fill my void~

| Selam dünya

| What kind of bacchanal is going on here?

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This thread is permanently archived