I installed Arch

| And it was a good learning experience. I had to interact with systems I never would've otherwise. And overall it works better than O thought it would.

| yet your keyboard has a WINDOWS key tranny faggot youll never be a real linux user just like youll never be a real man liberal cuck

| You will never be a man.
You will never wear a dress shirt and pants while knocking back black coffee with your sysadmin friends.
You will never make historically lasting contributions to the Linux kernel.
You are going to die, and they're going to revert every single line you'd ever written with the comment "refactoring". It'll pass review in seconds.

| >>1015178 I use Arch btw

| I mean thanks for saying I'm not a man I guess? I am a woman. Y'all are seething over arch though. Go bald about it.

| SHUT UP You are NOT a real man. You are not trans. You are a groomer pervert and not real EVER. Run ubuntu like a real man not this stupid shit which is just there to brag about being 'smarter than others' YOU'RE NOT

| Stat mad. I'm unaffected.

| lol immagine having a windows key, how silly would that be

| also i guess just so you have a sigle sane reply.

congratulations for trying to lern about the underlying systems that run your operating system. hope you lern their many strengths and many flaws. and that the knowladge helps you out

| Nice, I installed arch about a week or two ago, been loving using it with hyprland. Good luck on ur Linux endeavors.

| I haven't tried hyprland. Is it good?

| Welcome to using anything that's not windows gurl <3

| >>1015225 I already didn't use windows lol. I hate that shit.

| >>1015231 so true bestie :3 what did you used before arch?

| >>1015242 I've hopped between Mint, Manjaro, Ubuntu, and NixOS. Last one I used was Nix, and as much as I like it, it kinda shit itself and died on ny system after 3 days. Stopped recognizing one of my hard drives even after repartitioning, and trying to manually mount. I said fuck it I don't have anything on here so I'll just back up my conf and reinstall. Then mid reinstall it does the same thing to my main hard drive and becomes unbootable

| Wow! I’m starting to learn nix now after starting on mint. You’re like me but badass and from the future.

| >>1015256 good luck, solider! I hope it works better for you than it did for me o7

| >>1015220 it's pretty good imo. Here's a video of the type I use


| >>1015220 imo it looks like shit and animations and blur effects and shit annoy me. If you want good tiling manager just stick to i3 or sway.

However, if you want to do screenshots of your neofetch all day and post them to reddit instead of actually using your computer then go ahead and install this piece of shit of a software.

| I use gentoo btw

| Just buy a mac
Do third worlders really?

| Ew why tf would I use a mac

| >>1015285
security by obscurity

| I'm good. I'm safe enough with my general security practices anyway.

| >>1015310 It feels like if you want good security/anonymity on the web you need to make it your hobby.

| Either use temple os or don't even talk

| relying on security by obscurity is like setting a timer on getting your shit stolen instead of actively protecting it

less effort, but worse results

and, fuck it, on a worse os too

mac is for those already locked inside apple's walled garden or to those who want to flex by saying they burned unholy amounts of dollar, not those who are looking to use a computer

and it doesnt even effectively achieve either of those compared to linux, windows, or templeos

use templeos

| I used to be an Arch elitist but then i found out that god's chosen programmer used Ubuntu.

| >>1015337
Nah, that's bullshit. By using a mac you effortlessly protect yourself against 100% of skiddies and 90% of pentesters.

| >>da1dbe by having a brain you also can achieve this. Like how tf they gonna hack you, send you malware? Are you fucking stupid and execute random programs people send you? Or you need a Mac to update your operating system?

| >>1015403 no fr. Having a good firewall setup, and not installing random shit is all the security an average person needs. There are more advanced attacks like what happened with the linux kernel recently, but that happens on every system and can't be protected against easily on any of them.

| >>1015403
"Are you fucking stupid and execute random programs people send you" Yes I have things to do and software from random people lets me achieve this.

| then you cannot be saved, even by MacOS

| >>1015175
At next try Viod. It is rolling release too, but smaller repository then Arch one. Also it is under runit rather then systemd, and it has own package system xpbs with interested xbps-src part one for custom building packages. In repository usually package separated on main and devel parts (last one contains includes, etc for use on building were it takes as depending). In repository X system built with wayland components.

| >>1015175 >>1015435
Or, you can try debian :)
Also it uses systemd, but own deb-package system. Has two type installation like a void linux (earlier mentioned): terminal, and with complete grahical environment.

| >>1015178
Say also "it needs a specific key for compose subsystem" huh!?
What also smart something will you say?
That win button nice additional key; you can use it as compose key, but in my case it busy for hotkeys of window manager.

| >>1015195
Seriously, *buntu? That piece of.. garbage?
Go learn Debian, you a mass consumer of known-substance!!!

| >>1015267
or dwm, but only if you a power user (at least so advanced to be ready meets with precompile configuration concepts) // of course with st and dmenu (last one can be combined with any environment, even using repository already compiled version).

| >>1015284
Even windows better than mac!
Ew.. Don't remember that piece of absurdity!

| >>1015380
Pass to Debian, save your live!

| >>1015427
You are god damn right!

| >>144440 You will never be a man.
You will never wear a dress shirt and pants while knocking back black coffee with your sysadmin friends.
You will never make historically lasting contributions to the Linux kernel.
You are going to die, and they're going to revert every single line you'd ever written with the comment "refactoring". It'll pass review in seconds.

| >>144440 tbh I just wanna stick with arch on systems I have the time to set up. I'm loving it so far. I might retry nix again in the future but I had a bad experience with it.

| Update: so far everythinf has been super smooth. I've loved every minute of using arch. Being able to fine tailor the system to my liking is right up my alley.

| did you neofetch today?

| >>1015471 actually I fastfetched :3. Only for a screenshot for sharing eith a friend though. I'm using kde and idrc about bragging about arch lol. I did it for me, not for bragging rights.

| btw

| Arch really is just the best. Make sure to get some type of system backup program, or snapshot thing, as arch will just let you fuck your entire system up. Better safe than sorry.

| >>1015508 yeah I've been keeping regular system backups, putting most of my configs on a flashdrive.

| >>1015441
I might actually switch to Debian next time i have to setup a system, i don't care for rolling release and i don't even use the AUR, mainly chose Arch because of the minimal install and how much i respect their Wiki.

| >>1015403
I can tell you have *never* hacked a computer in your entire life.

| >>1015590 then hack me bitch

| Yeah love the wiki and I don’t use arch lol. Hack me too

| dorothyposting

| systemd

| *hacks your mouth*

| >>1015712 OK thanks

| Arch is a mess. Why would anyone use this garbage? And their wiki is badly written. I don't understand why people praise it. Arch users are homosexuals.

| >>1015788

| >>1015788 I recommend learning to read

| >>1015788 Arch is literally a install everything yourself os. It's only as messy as you make it.

| >>1015802
except the arch repos are littered with optional dependecies marked as required and arch clearly has programs you're supposed to use because the repo maintainers have chosen them for you.

| >>1015803 the dependency thing is kind of unfortunate, but the second part can be managed by just installing the software you wanna use first and removing what you don't.

| >>1015807
systemd/pipewire are found as dependencies to a lot of software that doesn't actually depend on them. anything that runs as a service is setup to only use systemd on arch.
and things like obs/some firefox and firefox derivitiev have pipewire as a dependency.

which means you're forced to re-install them everytime you run pacman if you installed any of those as packages.

You'd need a diffrent repo to get around this one exists for systemd but not pipewire

| >>1015840 >>1015807
some more packages that are like this that i recall are avahi and some geolocating package. and let's be honest probably many more i haven't noticed

| >>1015841 >>1015807
don't get me wrong i still recommend arch it's great especially for learning about all the software that's available, i don't think there's anything better. i use artix.

it has repo issues that need to be adressed and the maintainers don't give a single shit about. i'd still recommend using it

| Is using other init system actually more efficient or yall just hate systemd? Other than systemd I only used openrc on alpine but boy choosing this distro for a server was a mistake.

| >>1015862
eh, it's a combination of minuscule performance diffrences, principle, basic standards, security, unnecessary bloat and ""fuck you who are you to force me into your software suite""

it probably doesn't matter. but it also probably doesn't matter if you just use windows instead.

it's a question of prefrance and how pedantic you are

| >>1015862 >>1015867 long story short, people just hate on systemd

| >>1015868
yee, but saying it like that kinda makes it sound like ya justifying being forced upon.

""but ppl bitchn just be haters.""

sayin something is ok and dismissing all else, doesn't have much weight when ya ware never given the choice to try anything else.

| >>1015868 >>1015882
sry i'm being pretentious.
point being it's a choose you're own software distro where you only get 1 choice.

| >>1015446
The Arch is good choice, that was my first linux distro.

| >>1015533
It's nice to hear that! Yes, their wiki is great, I still sometimes look into it when I'm on another distribution with a rolling release. This type of distribution release is more suitable for me so far.

| >>1015693
That's why I trying another distro, and does not going to Debian; yes it possible to install another initialization system, but still many packages will sharped to work with systemd.

| >>1015862
runit will be better i guess. Void linux distro fo example.

| Now you need to learn how to use neovim, then you can fully linux brag ur better then everyone else

| neovim? Gurl you're being cringe. helix is the new thing, everybody knows that

| >>1016189 and learn dvorak
that's gonna be total anti-normie protection, like no one gonna even try to touch your laptop after seeing it

| >>1016192 lol that looks fun

| >>1016191
Huh? Go learn vi (nvi)!

| >>1016192
bhhaha, you made my day, g/u/rl! Thank you! (:

| >>1015203
My IBM keyboard doesn't have one so I'm gonna bind caps lock to it. It's useful for example in i3 so alt can be for other things, though alt is way better positioned.
I actually COULD be saved by qubes but I don't use it smdh
SHOULD I learn dvorak? my friend said you're going to be working on computers which aren't yours, but you could always just carry a dvorak keyboard with you for instance on your belt. Know anyone who did it?

| >>1015175 are you trying to tell me you use Arch too?
I use Arch btw

| >>1016221 >SHOULD I learn dvorak?
Basically if you want to type a little faster and with a LOT more comfort (after 1-2 weeks of practice of course), then yes, It's definitely worth it. but dvorak has its own problems, such as the fact that all your hotkeys will be scattered all over the keyboard, and you'll have to reassign them, which is a pain. some layouts compromise (like Colemak) and don't touch the layout of the keys with the most frequently used hotkeys combos, (google it).

| >>1016221b >>my friend said you're going to be working on computers which aren't yours, but you could always just carry a dvorak keyboard with you for instance on your belt. Know anyone who did it?
I don't know if you're trolling me or not, but anyway after you learn Dvorak you don't "magically" forget qwerty. even after 10 years you'll probably be able to type blindly on qwerty without much trouble (haha muscle memory go brrr), so there's no need to carry around an extra keyboard

| >>1016242
i've been using dvorak for years and my typing speed has been pummled into the ground because i have to switch between querty/dvorak

it is a terribe decision b u t it is comfort

kinda fun as a neiche skill? terrible decision i still use it everyday

on the bright side i instantly figure out if game devs correctly coded key binds.

soiler a fuck ton of them show as if something is rebindable but it actually isn't so ur SOL back to querty

| >>1016221 >I'm gonna bind caps lock to it.
Wait, WHAT!!?
Argh! @#&$!? Please, leave it on peace! What it did for you? You should use caps lock key as, damn it, caps lock key!
I really do not understand users (g/u/rls), who used it, for example as layout switcher, or for anything else rather than for caps lock itself.

| >>1016301 how often do you actually use caplock for caplock anyway? Other than naming a constant, I don't think you do need a dedicated key in that position tbh

| I like that this is one of the biggest /tech/ forms in a long time. Very cool, very arch btw

| >>1016313
yeah after the reddit blackout I pretty much switched reddit for danger/u/ and youtube for 4/wsg/ instead of using paid news sites, I just have a LLM generate me some news to read in the morning, can't say what though cause I had to finangle it a little bit.

| >>1015273 I use gentoo and arch btw (typing this from arch btw)

| >>1015788 honestly... you're not wrong, I use arch (btw) and I am a dyke.

| I use linux btw
(typing this from android)

| >>1016352 woa this is OP from different wifi. I'm a lebsbinan too do you wanna be gay arch users together

| >>1016306
Sometimes I need it, for example, yes, to enter constants into a shell script or for something else. There was a time when I could only press keys with one hand because I had a phone in the other. It will be impossible to use the shift key to enter some uppercase characters.
Of course, you are right, it is not often to use it. Finally, I am prefer to use the keys as they were created, with the exception of the win key. Since it is not usually used in Linux.

| Right now only my laptop uses arch, I think I'm gonna get a new ssd and get a dual boot going for my main pc. Although I have a amd 7800xt, and apparently the 7000 graphic card series is just shit for some reason. I already have a buncha issues with it on windows. Anyone know anything about em lmk btw

Love all you techy gurlz ♡

| >>1016461 dual booting with winders or another distro?

| >>1016559 winders

| >>1016565 makes sense. Lmk if you have any weird hard drive shenanigans after you install your new ssd. I can probably help :3

| >>1016351 gen question, why do people use gentoo? Compiling everything seems like such a pain in the ass.

| >>1016601 nowadays we have binary repos finally so it's not necessary anymore

| pros are more system control and the resulting stability (if you learn how to use gentoo of course)
and in general you can forget about soystemd if it bothers you

| >>1016601
That will be if many and often.

| >>1016610
And we still needs to precompile patched src if xorg to obtain right switching layout by keys in-release, rather than on-push.

| >>1016611
I think mainly only first, the last thing you can rich by switch distro to another, without systemd.

| >>1016610 i don't respect binary world but i support diversity in my machine code, you can see there 72 numbers and it's keep rising in upcoming update.

| >>1016601
With gentoo you can "easily" set your own flags during installation so the system becomes more optimised for your particular hardware. Basically, you'll get a small performance boost by discarding uneeded low-level stuff.

The other main reason for picking gentoo is because the community is kinda alright tbh.

| everyone I love on the internet apparently uses dvorak but all the pros I know of use querty and I'm lazy so I'm not going to do it after all sorry I let you down : (

I did however change dmenu out for rofi which was very helpful so maybe you won't be too ashamed. If any of you want sex, I'll happily let you use me however you want as well.

| >>1016957
Oh, why you did it with dmenu!?
BTW i still use dwn+st+dmenu.

| >>1016941
But Gentoo still use lot of python, that why i do not like it. So, we can try another so-called source-based distro.

| >>1016957 *sexes you so hard*

| >>1017053
Me? I do not think so.
BTW at least we can consider Crux, LFS, Source mage, Lunar Linux.

| >>101705
Ooooh anon squeeeee
Rofi needs no special config like dmenu to find my flatpacks and things. Soon I will add fuzzyfind and I will find anything anywhere with ease

| >>1017085
You means the cache-file that contains all found binaries in PATH variable?
dmenu by default does not use config files like other suckless projects, maybe some patches adding this feature, idk.

About fuzzyfind you means that like in fuzzypkg (console wrapper for xbps of Void linux)?
May be some patch for it exists. BTW dmenu works fine for me, I can find binary by part of file name in middle for example.

| I think I'm gonna try getting a linux+ certificate soon, I have the money to do it now, but I have no ideal which website would be best to take classes from. Was thinking about using the Linux foundation website for the admin cert.

| >>1017165
I can’t say but I’m also trying to learn Linux so if you want my books or things or just a learning friend you can have them. I’m sure you can get them too

| >>1017193
Trojan detected

| meow

| >>1017301 mrow :3

| >>1017331 mrrrp

| >>1017165
When I started to learn linux, I just take pure Arch distro and following Arch wiki guide to install it, but before reads about what WM or entire DE I will take. So, that means I learning it by practice. Now I think take a book for bash. I will ask my colleague for it.

| Arch is pretty cool, I'll probably stick with it till I get bored of ricing in 2 years

| >>1017441

| >>1017625 Idk if I could ever get into ricing, but I do really like my desktop setup that I have now. Setting up hyprland is quite frankly just too much of a pain in the ass for me to care that much.

| My fellow tech gurls, we should totally absolutely get this thread maxed out to 255 replies, it'd be a great accomplishment for all tech gurl kind. So I'll only be posting here till it happens

| That would be fun! I mean this is already my first thread to get more than like 12 responses, but hitting the cap would be nuts.

| >>1017707
I will post here to free you, but I promised to post in the thread where the stone ocean essay is going to be too. Should I use proxmox for my cluster of old desktops or should I use Debian or what? I’ve used desktop Linux mint for a while, want to learn how to do servers and such.

| >>1017722 SHE SAID IT! SHE SAID STONE OCEAN!!! Point at her and laugh!

| >>1017722 proxmox is funny to use

| >>1017814
I’m funny so I’ll use it

| >>1017814 she prox on my mox till my environment turns virtual

| She hyprland, on my wayland, till my tile expands

| she was hyprland girl he was i3 boy... so sad

| I really wanna do a project that uses Django but I'm so awful at coming up with programming ideals

| Meow

| >>1017814
I do not think so.

| >>1018046 meow meow meow :3

| >>1018046 >>1018062 ma'am, this is a tech support chat

| >>1018066 mew mewwww>w<

| >>1018073
Pat Pat

| >>1018073 *stabs you*

| >>d455a3 dangeru clone with django

| >>1018111 aight bet, after my summer classes end in 2 days I'll do that

| gonna install gentoo on my thinkpad x200 tomorrow

| sitting in a public space of course, so everyone can see how elitist I am

| Whoah what a god. That has no trackpad too, right? Just the clit?

| >>1017879
I really miss you Mira hope you’re ok and I didn’t hurt you. I’m at https://simplex.chat/contact#/?v=2-5&smp=smp%3A%2F%2FenEkec4hlR3UtKx2NMpOUK_K4ZuDxjWBO1d9Y4YXVaA%3D%40smp14.simplex.im%2Fzkg41o5JJktZ-hQjmw4RvgXkXIiWRxHW%23%2F%3Fv%3D1-2%26dh%3DMCowBQYDK2VuAyEABxwoRrWOB6lIhxjyTppYlmH0ZpPucS-hLnBvfsZdiH8%253D%26srv%3Daspkyu2sopsnizbyfabtsicikr2s4r3ti35jogbcekhm3fsoeyjvgrid.onion



| >>1017722
In our case we firstly decided to use Debian, after 2 year we decided to use Void linux. As said my experienced colleague, every distro on linux, +- the same, choose you want, but he said that for maintenance 2 or more machine better you numeric/named releasing instead of rolling releasing that good for single desktop. And one of causes to switch is trying something new, after old machine dead, no systemd , and what the heck, we have only one machine now, and it will long be.

| I have like 4 weeks of hw due tomorrow I didn't do wish me luck

| >>1018192
Luck luck luck luck tell me if you need help gurl

| I gotta say something controversial and inflammatory to up the engagement numbers and hit the message cap. Uhhhh... nix bad, systemd good, hannah montanna linux is the best distro, and xenia is a better mascot than tux.

| >>1018193
> systemd good
Nice try, so go install Debian or Arch Linux!
> Uhhhh... nix bad
What you mean? all unix and unix-like OS? Or you meant exactly nixOS?
So, particularly you right, for example, macOS, nixOS, android (still better than iOS), all *buntu disro, etc.
> hannah montanna linux is the best distro
Ew.. [holds back vomiting]
> xenia is a better mascot than tux.
I like Firefox mascot the Fox, but, seriously, a furry??? [holds back nausea]
I am hear not before about it.

| >>1018265

I already installed arch man. I made the whole thread about it after all.

Yeah I meant NixOS.

Wdym hannah montanna linux is the best >:3

Stop being afraid to be cringe. Xenia is way cooler.

| Tux can be just as cute, or cuter than Xenia, but I’ll admit it’s really fear holding me back from Xenia.

| Anyone know if YouTube uses super cookies? I disabled my dom.storage on my browser and yt really didn't like it. Been slowly hardening my Firefox over the months. Meow.

| >>1018283
> Stop being afraid to be cringe.
*oh_no,_cringe* *rofl*
>Xenia is way cooler.
If she was more anthropomorphic, like, a say, cat-g/u/rl, but fox-g/u/rl. Then, with a creak, it would be acceptable.

| >>1018330
Fear on front of what?

| Furries look like Aztec gods who FLAY YOU ALIVE
Being under the power of furries
My family being disgusted by me
Being alone
Showing weakness and being hurt
The teeth hidden in Xenia’s mouth
That Xenia will not be understandable to a human mind, and come to hate me
Not having children
Xenia being smarter than me and manipulating me
Xenia telling lies about me to others everyone believing her
Xenia telling the truth about me and everyone believing her

| >>1018390 you got a wild fetish bro

| Started replaying factorio in prep for the new dlc drop that'll happen around October or sooner.. :3

| >>1018372
g/u/rl didn't read xenia lore lmao

| Posting here to help free my g/u/rl.

| >>1018436 xenia is a she though? Transfem to be exact.

| >>1018481 ty

| >>1018501 no, it's a guy

| https://owly.fans/xenia/

| Who tt is Xenia

| Mrow

| >>1018436
Indeed, I didn't really look at lore.
>>1018501 >>1018521
[calmly gets up from the chair, puts it back in place, turns around and leaves silently]
No /* */.

| I'm trying to get into pcb making, been pretty slow so far, but I'll keep yew updated cause idk what else to talk about

| >>1018625
We can talk about differences of Package management systems between each other. At least about few of them through their package managers: apt, pacman, xbps, portage, sorcery, etc.

| Do you think doas will succeed? I asked my cybersecurity friend and they said sudo is fine

| I like pacman, but despite trying to be up to date on everything they're actually quite a bit behind on a pretty large amount of software, like Django for example. But i do give them credit for it being pretty damn stable and handling errors well

| >>1018670 just use su

| >>1018686
I do tbh when I need to both access a directory I don’t have permissions for, edit files in there, like for wireguard. I kinda doubt it matters idk

| >>1018677 I love pacman. It's by far my favorite package manager :3

| I prefer Mario

| >>1018686
I do not think this is good idea, cos, as I remembered, to get administrative permissions (root) you should know and input root password instead yourself when using sudo (or doas).

| >>1018670
doas is smaller well than sudo, and can be configured well also. I like to try it, and now usualy use it, but for graphic dialog still use sudo (qsudo).

| >>1018677
Also likes it, but now I met with xbps. In some old article I read that the best PM is portage, next after it is pacman, and xbps closing triple.

| Bought Turing complete yesterday, played it for a couple of hours, actually is pretty damn cool so far I'm liking it.


| But this is the "dominance" of wayland in Void, may be I should return to Arch? No, systemd there, I'll find another solution.

| Ive gotten quite better at circuit board stuff from the turing complete game, actually been really fun and challenging

| >>1019120
Interesting, after this game are having a motivation to continue to learn more deep on "iron"?

| >>1019124 you're English is so bad I have no ideal what you're saying, but yes I want to keep learning

| >>1019120
So can you like repair broken circuit boards where you couldn’t, or just better with low level code? I am ANGRY right now but I appreciate you post <3

I think you’re saying do you want to keep learning deeper into the metal as in continue cultivating low level understanding, or perhaps referring to a soldering iron

| Also to our gurl trapped in this thread thank you for not getting mad I haven’t posted here much

| >>1019141
Sorry about that. Yes, I meant "does it make you study further?". Thanks for the reply.

| >>1019148 one day I'll be free, one day.

| >>1019147 irl I probably couldn't repair anything, cause I just don't have any tools at all for it. But on the computer if you gave me a design that didn't work I could probably figure out what's wrong and fix it

| >>1019193 it helps greatly with studying, turing complete mostly uses low level components, like 3 bit decoders, 256kb ram, ect, but the problems you have to solve are quite hard, and it sets you up really well for further learning once you beat every level. It even makes you program your own assembly language using binary, then has you solve mazes, and make games from your assembly language you made.

| We're finally getting pretty close to 255 replys, shouldn't be too much longer till I'm free

| I’d better take advantage while you’re still stuck then :3

| >>1019242 don't plap me D:

| https://imgur.com/a/Y4Dv35j

Here's the most recent level i finished in turing complete. It's 6 registers that can save from an input to a specific register, load specific register to another specific register, or do basic calculations from register 2 and register 3 and save it to register 4.

| Oh yeah it can also output from a specific register too

| What I really really love about this game is I made every logic gate myself, everything on the screen was an item I had to make on a pervious level. Except for the byte spliter which is the top left component

| Since we're on and arch thread, what distros do you g/u/rls prefer?

| I’i run mint but maybe I’ll try arch on a spare laptop. I wish I understood what was going on more.

| >>1019318 I use arch, what don't you understand?

| >>1019318 I say just jump into it! There's a lot that's daunting and confusing about getting into arch at first, but the wiki really helps. Just go out of your way to make sure you actually understand the tools you use along the way as you get there.

| Thank you so much girl <3
I worry that my things would break if I ever had to migrate systems, or that in my previous copying and pasting to the command line I’ve broken something, or that my file system is full of junk but I can’t tell what I’m using and what I’m not, and that one day I’ll need to install something but things will be so broken I’ll just have to give up. I’m fine with not understanding lower level stuff if it wasn’t useful, but I’ve had software break before.

| >>1019326if you're that worried about breaking stuff then I'd def recommend keeping at least one backup. I use timeshift cause it's easy, but as long as you back your stuff up right then it doesn't really matter what you use.

| I use a thing called timeshift, great for backing things up and loading them

| I use a thing called spaceshift, great for backing things up and parking them.

| Arch is on the usb drive! :3
Just gotta get this ssd to fit into my x220. I think when I bought it I forgot to ask to get the rails the drive fits on or the door which is supposed to close behind it, and my 2.5" drives don't seem to be fitting.

I have all my passwords and documents shared between PC, laptop, phone with syncthing, but I'm trying to keep a 'daily notes' sheet up on each, and syncthing + obsidian aren't quite doing a great job keeping everything synced.

| I use Samba for file share stuff, but its a pretty dirty setup cause 90% of the guides don't work at all, I use it because it supports windows and Linux, so I can share to any pc in the whole house.

| >>1019228
>It even makes you program your own assembly language using binary
So, that is quite interesting, thanks for the clarification!

| >>1019314 gentoo

| >>1019314 apple 11

| sex


| >>1019395
[preparing bonfire] ^_^

| >>1019361
A lot of natrix! No.

| >>1019431
Go back to /u/!

| Today or tomorrow I'm gonna start making my assembly language out of binary on my computer I made with logic gates. Also making a big dinner~ come over and eat with me.

| >>1019479
Omg I’m free all day. Address and time?

| eepy

| >>1019543
That's OK sleep well gurl : )

| Only 34 more comments till this thread is maxed out. It's been an honor going on this journey with you gurls

| >>1019558
o7 we shall sink with this ship

| Better say what your DE, or what you combine to assemble DE, for example what WM, some panels, VT, etc?

| O7 i3 but I’m gonna get hyprland one day!

| >>1019563 I just tweak KDE a lot. Hyprland seems cool but frankly it's just too much effort to make all those scripts.

| >>1019570 I was lazy with hyperland and used someone else's scripts, then just modified it to my liking.

| >1019570
So, your choice is KDE, i. e. you are more like Qt. The Advice is better avoid using of calligra.

| Turing complete update, started learning to code in binary, and use that binary to make am assembly language.

| 228. wow.
the internet is amazing

| I use void btw

| Mrow

| >>1019672 meow meow mrow :3

| meeeooooooow *scratches the kernel because I got bored*

| >>1019701 scratches YOU!>:3c

| >>1019707 *cutely pisses on ur carpet*

| Today kinda sucked for me, noting in particular happened, just low energy and got kinda busy.. tmmr I'll for sure work on my assembly language more

| >>1019709 aww I'm sorry you were feeling bad :( what kind of things are you planning to implement into your assembly language?

| >>1019710 well, after I finished my cpu made out of nothing but logic gates, I made 4 main ways of doing things with info. Direct transfer, math, copy, and comparison. So those 4 things plus the 6 storage nodes I made will be put into the assembly language first. After that I'll need to add multiply and devide. Then a jump/loop command. After thar not sure.

| >>1019644
Same, but maybe I will change it to another distro.

| Wow that’s impressive! Keep it up gurl

| what you think about gnome DE? xfce? CDE (and other Motif DE)? How about dwm (with st and dmenu), i3, other frame (mosaic) WM?

| >>1019722 what's the point of void in general
like, what are even the reasons to use it instead of arch or gentoo or nix

| >>1019770
Void cf. Arch.
1. Void as Arch with rolling release
2. It is non-systemd (namely it is under runit).
3. No so blade-edged as Arch.
4. Good enough PMS the xbps as Arch one (pacman). Has xbps-src that is entirely a user subOS (you can also chroot into it).
4. separate packages into main version and "devel" one that contains includes, etc.

Gentoo PMS entirely on python, so I will say "no" to it.

Nix is, let us to say, cloudy, and strange PMS and etc. Forgot it

| >>1019774 god I wish I'll have the strength to rewrite emerge in C one day

| anyone know how tf to multiply 8 bits with 8 bits together using logic gates? Literally can't find anything on it. Its driving me crazy

| >>1019843 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vdipOQQs8xg

| Only a few more messages left now

| >>1016242
I'm doing it! I'm doing it after all!
Typing this with colmak! (at ten words per minute lol)

I DID do something I said I'd do!!!

Love to my gurlies, and still no progress on the home server/cluster sigh... something for the next thread UuU

| >>1019839
Good idea, but problem not only with emerge and portage, lot of things under python, so there is lot of work. But good luck, hope one day you will did it!

| >>1019942 yaaay what a good note to end the thread. I hope all you gurls continue to grow in what you are interested in and install gentoo or templeOS one day <3

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