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Win 11 Recall AI

| Hey guys just thought you should know windows is implementing built in spyware and you should switch to linux. Adding an AI feature that constantly records your screen to be recalled later. It's supposedly filly local but even assuming it's perfectly secure, it's still needless bloated junk and AI slop.

| But how will I play vidya on Linux???

| > windows is implementing built in spyware
windows has always been spyware

| >>1013959 ps3 tier meme

| >>1013959 lol

| >>1013969 That's why it's called Windows. It's used to look at the user.

| >>1013969 I mean that's true but now it's more blatant and advertised as a new AI feature

| >>1013959 you can play a lot of games on linux now actually. And progressively more since valve is spearheading that for the steamdeck.

| I mean, after windows XP (that already had some spyware) everyday they become more blatant about Windows being a spyware, but still, way too much effort for me to change my main machine to still have not many games I play able to run on it, that said, I still have a laptop with linux to do most of my stuff

| I think until valve has a really strong foothold as a gaming product then gaming on linux is just going to keep being kinda bad. Like the solution is going to have to be that valve (and by extension linux) become mainstream enough for devs to start making native linux builds.

| >>1013998 isn't windows XP is now FOSS? does that mean that it's possible to create a fork without microsoft bullshit?

| >>1014004
>Windows XP is now FOSS
That's wistful thinking, but I admire the optimism

| >>1014004 I think you may be thinking of the various FOSS "windows compatible" operating systems. They generally look and feel like Windows 98 or XP, and generally work even worse. Thank you ReactOS for failing to install most drivers and then crashing.

| >>1014016 >>1014018 nvm guys I just saw "windows XP source code now available" in the news headlines a long time ago, but as it turns out it was just a leak

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