Help me plan out video game

| Something simple
Also blockbuster
Like, coding it

I think I got as far as doing camera and such but I a not verily sure of programming the rest or the scope of the game itself

What shd I do

| nothing good comes quick, but simple can work well

im no creative so i cant pose any ideas, but just please take your time

rushed games wont break records, just hearts

| >>1013225 eh, good skills calls for speed too. And I am barely past the learning stage. Geez

You are wasting my time

| I recently learned how to write and compile a hello world program in C, by following a little book called “The C Programming Language.” Heard of it? Yeah, that one, you’re in luck kid, So listen up:

Tell users you have written the perfect video game, but they must prove themselves worthy by writing it themselves. Then open vim for them.

| >>1013228 if being told to be paient and cook up your game "wastes your time" g/u/rl, then you ain't makin it

go on, speedrun game development to shit out another asset flip you call a video game. getting zero attention means your game technically has zero negative reviews, and that fact can help you sleep at night. then, once you get some sleep and the adderal wears off, then take your time on your next project to make something worthy of some attention, maybe even praise.

| >>1013241 i was expecting a more technical answer so this is bad too

>>1013236 i know most of the baisc but planning isnt one of them

| >>1013252 genuinely kill yourself, we're tired of your shit

| I think all life is beautiful and even at your worst point there will be a moment in the future when all will be worth it.

That said, op kill yourself

| One of my favorite flash games was really simple, you controlled a turret and shot shapes coming towards you. If they get past you your base took damage. You could upgrade damage hp, and buy new turrets and helper turrets. That's all, was really fun.

| OP: Now is a good time to admit that you can't do this. Get a different job.

| >>1013342 op cant do this if what she wants is quick and easy money and fame

in that case, i would suggest onlyfans but i have my doubts of her success there either

if op decides to discover patience and passion for their work, op can do a lot of good things

only if

| Have sex and have fun.

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