Is the app gone? I can't find it

| Can someone give me the link of it still exists

| Nevermind I have the app, I didn't look at the installed apps. But still can't find the play store link tho

| App seems to have been removed from the play store

Here's the GitHub link you can either download it and side load it through the APK there or through fdroid


| Damn, when and why? Someone not update something for terms and services

| >>1012857 there's a thread in testing it seems that Google delisted it because it hasn't had an update in like 4 years

| Too bad. Get if from f-droid

| it was the news some time ago that g*ogle decided that apps not updated in 2 years or more would be deleted from their store

| >>88977a a thread? Where?

| >>1013124 in /test/

| https://www.f-droid.org/en/packages/com.angryburg.uapp/

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