New iPad?

| Well APPLE is going to show the new iPad but I think iPad pro with M1 is enough for me. Is there any benefits with new model? idk about that

| Hey hey, look at this gurl talking about apple, hehe lol lmao I'm lonely and miserable please end my suffering.

| The new Apple iPad can suck my cock

| Someone actually pays attention when apple release a new device??? Instead of waiting when a model from three years ago is finally available at an non-eye-gouging price??

| imagine having the money to afford an apple product

can you just imagine the stockpile of /burg/ you can get with that?

| I want an iPad but I'm too broke to get one

| >>1012558 you're not missin much

| actually yes, the new iPad gives you more swag and some yolo as well, plz buy

| basically all you get apple products for; the brand

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