i cant a dvd and cd my computer

| i have dvds and cds and i cannot have them in my computer what has happened it is brand new

| Skill issue

| >>1012220 kill yourself retard it is unhelpful i need dvds and cds kill yourself and your family die ass hole

| Try turning the dvd off and on

| usb DVD/cd reader, buy it, it works, wowie so hard

| >he doesn't have at least 4 odds in his pc

| Maybe buy an external CD drive? Worst case scenario cheap and work good, some are slim too, it's how i burn my cds

| >>1012221 will do thank you for helpful advice

| >>1012302 i already bought the computer EXPENSIVE ! ! ! and now you wanting me buy the french fries and the milk shake and the chicken fingers and the large drink and the combination RIDICULOUS ! ! ! i spent the money on computer and now i need to use dvds and cds how do i do this DO NOT TELL ME BUYING MORE CRAP

| >>1012449 bro, microsoft block the old program for running cd and dvd stuff with a bunch of seperating pin on your cpu. You need to open your PC up and take the cpu off then scrap the many tiny on it off then glue it back on the main board. Voila you can now use your cd dvd again, it's that ez

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