Stinky linux users

| Bruh •_•

| if linux is real why do all keyboards have windows keys

| We dont stink...all the time...

| >>1010294 sis you use systemd to enable the shower and its got a fucking xz vulnerability sis. russians are going to come out the fucking shower head when you try to wash off the stink sis. funniest shit i'd ever seen.

| >>1010298 I'll anyone hack my ass, I ain't not gonna use window no more

| >>1010298 that's it, I'll make my bathroom managed by my in room pc

| >>1010299
This is the price we pay for internet connected software. Its either gonna be the Russians that are hacking our ass or the corpos hacking our ass. Its all just on big asshack but at least my software will be Libre.

| did you meant that programming socks are stinky ?

| >>1010312 you didnt need to post this

| >>1010293
cos from aggressive marketing of MS, that is BASE (knowledge).
But thanks for that key, I using it in my dwm the (tiling) window manager as MODKEY for hotkey combination :ъ

| >>1010298
..in my case there is runit as initializer of system, but think to switch on one based on bash scripts.. yeah that is mean to switch distro (:

| Not stinky, just smeared

| >>1010384
Nah. See on shiny, glassy.. g/u/rl!

| Not stinky, butt sticky

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