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Wired game headsets

| I am looking for reliable USB gaming headset. Ideally one that won't creek when I turn my head. It hasn't got to be top quality, just want it to be reasonably comfortable and sound okay with a mic that doesn't sound like I'm farting the alphabet through a megaphone. Any recommendations?

| what mic are you using rn

| Get a good pair of headphones and a modmic is what I usually recommend

| modmics are kinda overpriced though?

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Currently using the wireless Xbox headset. But I don't want to deal with trying to remember to recharge. That's why I want one with a cord.

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The issue with this is my desktop is about 8 feet away from me. So IO ports are limited and I wanna keep the headset to one USB if I can. (and not use 3.5mm)

| If you're situation allows, I recommend getting a seperate mic and headset. You can get far better audio quality for less money

I used SamsunS850s for awhile, but I didn't treat them well and the chord died after about a year. Those and a good mic would cost about $70, but they still sounded better than my $100 Logitech headset. The logitech is also fine, I kept it as a backup, but it just is more expensive for worse audio quality.

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Got any mic recommendations to? Thnx btw

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So long as your just sticking to voice calls anything above like $15 is probably going to be good enough these days. But, I reread that your pc is 8ft away from you, and at that distance any mic is probably not gonna sound good. So I can't really recommend anything for that. I suppose the Logitech Pro X headset I use is good enough for audio in and out, and it can be used aux or with a usb adapter it comes with. My usb adapter added a lot of noise though.

| Adding to >>1010185, you can get some really good IEMs (earbuds) for pretty cheap and spend the rest on a separate mic, I used the Final E300's which have really good sound quality for ~23eur but the cable died after I kept playing rough and loose with it.

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