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the deckard

| i have inhaled so much copium from going through valve time that i am now classified as an otherworldly interdimensional being.

anyways, thoughts on the deckard? not that sure about the specs but progress seems to be ramping up on steamvr

| IDK much about it but if it's another 1k+ headset I don't care

| Stay a while, and listen.

| >>1009032 ok

| >>1009032 is it a 1k+ headset?

| hot take; 1k headsets are okay

we have the oculus line for entry level (if you have a phone, you're not allowed to complain about data privacy), and while there are a lot of companies doing high end headsets, having a new one from valve would be nice since they're tried and true thanks to the index

of course my broke ass would love an affordable valve headset, but i probably wouldn't buy it anyway cuz the quest 3 does enough. i just wanna see how far the tech goes

| i also think theres a chance we're gonna get stuck in a valve time loop as valve keeps improving the headset with new tech

| >>1009112 u r absolutely allowed and encouraged to complain about privacy issues always unless u r the 1 invading privacy obv its legit issue

| Any recent news that shows it's more than a meme. If it's just sadlyitsbradley chatting about steamvr updates imma cringe.

| >>1009112
It's always okay to complain about Facebook

Also it's fine that Volvo want to make a 1k headset, but as a consumer I'm not going to buy a Facebook machine or spend a grand for like 5 games worth playing so if it's ~1k I don't care about their new thing

| I thought the deckard would be the console version of the steamdeck, that you can connect to the index 2.

| Haven't decks contained kards for a long time now? I don't get what this fuss is about.

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This thread is permanently archived