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Building a time machine

| What kind of tech do we need girls?

| You don't need to bother inventing it yourself. Just wait until somebody else invents a time machine in the future, steal it, and bring it to the present.

This hasn't worked for me yet, so I assume my future self keeps on misplacing the paper I wrote the present date and time on.

| If there's a man who can make anything,
Give me the tools to live in the past

| ez start living in the 4th dimension

| I'm in the fourth dimension of time but I keep falling forward.

| silly fourth dimensional elitists

too dimension-dense to enjoy the simplicity of two dimensional life

| Microwave

| Everybody knows sern already has one, they just haven't been able to send people through it alive yet

| CRT TV, 2 phones and a microwave.

| Any list of time-machine building materials that does not include an antique clock, grandfather or otherwise, is false information.

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This thread is permanently archived