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should i watercool my pc

| it's a mini itx pc that doesn't get /too/ hot, but the coil whine is annoying and i'm planning on getting a vr headset soon.

i could also deshroud my gpu and delid my cpu but that's a bit iffy

| water is bad for electric

| Your PC is thirsty, feed it a full bottle of mountain dew.

| it craves electrolytes

| Just gotta make sure that everything is done right if you do.

I did the irresponsible thing about computer heat in vr by running it on a laptop with no additional cooling, and it somehow survived 7k hours of it before the cpu finally died (a month later after my headset broke), so any cooling hardware is probably fine. Juat dont slam it with daily 16hr sessions. Or do, I'm not your m/u/m.

| >>1008881 actually g/u/rl what would you recommend for vr?

| go air cooling, cuz it will be cheaper and the next 5 years ur watercooling pc will be obselete and you'll spend 200-300 more where you could have used that money for better components

| >>1009033 ??? You can buy a good water cooler for $150, It's not going to be obsolete in 5 years. Which part of it is gonna magically just going to be outdated? Air coolers are cheaper but anon has a mini itx, so depending on where he is thinking of putting the rad will determine if its worth it or not, he can get better airflow with a aio.

| >>1008794 Water cooling wont necessarily fix coil whine, coil whine depends on power draw. Buy a new gpu or deal with it, it should be fine, unless its capacitor squeal

| Bought an AIO for my latest build, and I have to say it's probably louder at idle and load than what a good air cooler would be. There are instances where water cooling is necessary based on space and power draw... Air cooling is usually enough for most consumer hardware. Legit thinking about going back to a tower cooler.

| >>1009020 i'd recommend low standards

as much of a joke as some may take it, it makes your life a lot easier

i do reccomend finding high end hardware of course since you want to break 30 frames, but i was perfectly happy with 15fps vr once i got used to it

i dont need 200fps 240hz a million pixels per eye or whatever the pc master race determines a benchmark for any game, flatscreen or vr, and neither should you

get enough hardware to prevent motion sickness, then just have fun

| of course if you're able to get really high specs, go for it

little increases do go a big way to make vr more mesmerizing, and if you start out with low specs then its gonna sour your first impression

also make sure that you arent running anything unnecessary when you're in vr (yes you perma browser nerds, close that shit)

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