What programming language should I learn?

| I've never programmed before.

| Malbolge

| If you are fashion gen z, Python
If you are conservative C++/C#/Java

But depends on purpose.. what you want create? For example for Android apps is nothing better than Java etc.

But yes Python is legit option too of course just I don't like it personally

| c++ is probably good, features stuff like pointers, object orientation, all nice features of a modern programming language. Java is nice but sadly missing pointers.
If you are interested in just quickly coding something together for example to process data, python is great for that, although a bit slow in it's execution speed.

| Python is easy to learn and will teach you the basics, then maybe rust it's becoming more popular and it's a fast compiled language with lots of creature comforts

I think it even got support for Linux kernel development recently


| fortran

| C and asm

| >>1001830 you must be masochist to use asm

| >>1001974 No, not really. I genuinely prefer ASM to writing C-type languages, though this may just be my autism speaking.

| >>1001978 are you a Linux kernel developer

| make a discord bot in any language

| make a XMPP boy in any language

| bot*

but boy will count too

| make out with a discord boy

| the most experienced people say that it doesn't matter, just learn what you need for what you want to do. They have the same concept and similarities anyway, but some will be easier/more appropriate for what you want to do, which is what is getting you motivated.

Even if it's not the best language, just follow the tutorial you found on the thing you want to do.

| >>1002998 what does matter is that writing risc-v asm is more fun than anything else that that's all that matters

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