My workplace allows me to bring my PC so I want to mine some shitcoins

| I'm completely clueless as where to start. I wonder if anyone could guide me.

| I have a wallet on Revolut btw

| >>1000911 download and start play Hearthstone with your coworkers

| I dont understand, you ca set your pc to mine shitcoins at home while you're at work, why do you need to monitor it?

| >>1001104 use company's internet+electricity, more profitable this way

| >>1001104 he's a poor fag, please understand... and most likely a retard because he is jumping way too late to the mining craze

| Try Monero. RandomX and XMRig makes things really easy.

| >>1001527 Ahhh that makes more sense now... yeah he should mine whatever Indian rugpull is popular this week then....

| You guys should mine for brown coal instead

| >>1001527 don't listen to them op, they just don't want you to become rich. I'm not very well informed about mining but maybe a pickaxe could be of use? Good luck!

| for real though just google for "Bitcoin Miner" and use the third link (very important). This is the good shit! I'm talking $$$$$$ here

| XMR or BTC.

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