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web browsers that dont suck

| thread for web browser reccommendations^^
chrome is the worst piece of software to ever touch this earth and should die

my reccommendation: qutebrowser!! foss, minimal, adblock built in, keyboard friendly ^~^

| Firefox

| they all suck, they all suckk lots.

| >>1000286 ofc u would kno

| >>1000257 i mean. its fine i guess??? why not use librewolf tho idgi

| Kitsune one~ (Firefox)

| I looked it up and Qutebrowser still uses Chromium underneath, so it's automatically bad.

Firefox is still the only good one.

| firefox
or thorium if you don't mind being called even more of a furfag

| Google chrome


| >>1001071 as expected from a retard

| Edge

| >>1001094 at least is opinionless sheep.. imagine if recommended Edge or DuckDuckGo

| libre wolf with a hardend config and uBO is all you need

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This thread is permanently archived