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Ben Shapiro made "music"

| For those of you blissfully unaware: Ben Shapiro featured on a track with Tom MacDonald. It can debatably be said to be in the rap genre, though it's more akin to a symphony of suicidal ducks. It's actually naybe the worst song I've ever heard, and I've heard some real dogshit. Easily worse than that stupid reddit song the guy fucked to.

| now let's say, for the sake of argument, you did not make this thread and give internet shitlords even more attention. hypothetically, how much better would the average g/u/rl's day be?

| I think he's living proof that autism can be taught and nurtured with the right philosophy.

| real

| he's the real slim shlomo

| his sister tho awoooooooga wooooooga

| Who? Is this an American thing?

| >>997777 Yes. Has anyone listened to famous Serbian rapper Тупак Шакуровић?

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This thread is permanently archived