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Lost media

| Hey nerds anyone got any juicy lost media to share? I found a vocaloid artist called scapegoat-p and although their music is kinda shit it definitely was creepy and weird anyone else got some cool shit 2 share

| I like finding songs on YT with like <100 views, some <10 views and sometimes they get deleted. I'll share a couple later

| If you got too much free time, browse petittube .com , it's. A site that shows you YT videos with basically 0 views.
The main downside is that there is no search feature, it just shows you one video at a time.

| Many aeons ago, I downloaded albums from a Touhou rearrange circle called Touhou Erhu that's, well, what it says on the tin. Seems hard to find outside of Youtube, so that makes it rare music if nothing else, I guess?

| >>986275 ayo... Could you spare a download link for a g/u/rl? :3

| >>986285
Sure, here you go. It'll be up for 72 hours.

| my fav lost media is from a dude who makes Legend of Zelda mods for Medieval 2 Total War. The modelling that dude does is phenomenal but the best part is that a few of the tracks he puts in the game are from him and you can't find them anywhere else.
Crazy interesting.
But tbh I just love downloading mods from ModDB and mining them for songs. Another shout out to weird chinese rap you can find by looking through Mount and Blade mods (thats also how I got the berserk 97 ost).

| Another lost media thing I adore is the stuff Syrsa made.
He was weird, liked big boobas, relatable.
I hope he's not dead.

| >>986389
They're still around, and they still do stuff. But you'll want to look for an archive for their older music. (Not hard to find, thankfully.)

| I got a few, posting this rq so I remember to get the links when am at pc

| https://youtu.be/vvo5irl-O70?si=dnZZa8hek9n-ouwk

| I remember this British(I think) professional photographer who took awesome photographs of goth chicks back in the 90s but I can't find his portfolio anywhere. He used to watermark his photograpgs with ┬ęTraci Lord or Lords but neither search engines nor the wayback machine yields any results. I used to download his images on the school computer and put them on a floppy to bring home.

| Cease alive

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