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I did a music!! Would appreciate feedback

| https://open.spotify.com/track/4jeN3DV8COEjtEgfUndQwp?si=XhjVe_uHSzqKHvTQDA4oVQ

Can provide other links if necessary (and dw this ain't something I get money from)
I'd like some feedback on the track!! I've got okay feedback on here before, and I'm always aiming to improve, so lmk gurls!!

| m/u/sic exist y'know

| >nodotten
cute and gay
idk the music, didn't listen

| >>983725
Oh, true. If a mod sees it they'll probably move it


| it's hard to hear the consonants in the lyrics with the staticky drums. other than that it's pretty good!

| >>983766
Good to know!! Ty gurl <3

| turned it off after 15 seconds. sry gurl

| >>983829
It ain't for everyone. I'm very aware of that. Nothing to apologize for

| I try fapping to the beat, didn't work :/

| Hey! You were on the Best of Danger/u/ community fundraiser album! :D

| >>983724
Is this a joke?

| >>983856
Didn't try hard enough then

Yeah!! I was!! That was a cool little thingy. Wish I could've copped one of the physical copies

| >>983866
Depends on perspective

| >>983725
Done. ( owo)b

| >>983869
Ty mod <3

| >>983869 *fucks your mouth*

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This thread is permanently archived