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| do you like breakcore? if so, why?

| i'm going to fuck your mouth until it breaks

| ayo fr tho.
the intensity of the beat and nonrepetitive patterns thereof (speedcore enthusiasts can go choke to death on these nuts) is like being squeezed real right irl wrt its effects on the brain
like a good ol' reset button.
but then i'm on that sucking dick in a phone box (.com) shit so what can i tell you.

| any breakcore release post-2017 has a 90% chance of being complete dog shit. so yes and no.

| don't even get me started on the copy-paste genuinely BORING "depressive breakcore" shit.

| Do we still hate sewersvlt here?

anyhow "Fleeting Frozen Heart" is best breakcore

| im more of an atmospheric dnb kinda g/u/rl

| I'm more into speedcore with weird ass time signatures. It's music that goes hard, mixes it up, and refuses to let up.

| >>954948 twin

| >>954961 makes my constant dissociation go better by convincing me im in some lucid liminal world :_)

| >>954946 I fucking love Fleeting Frozen Heart I wish there were more music like it

| Can anyone recommend me things in the vain of something like this? I've looked up amen break, but nothing I found really has the evanescence type energy.

| >>954996 the genre is called 'amenpunk'. just look it up on youtube, lots of songs

| amenpunk... what the fuck...

| Little but more i prefer things as Mili or Kikuo
Why? I'm broken

| Btw. I know that nightcored version of electricity is just nightcore.. but exists another songs with similar style?or genres of original

| I'm myself a DnB/Breakcore artist and honestly I don't enjoy most of Breakcore music but that's just because everyone just tries to copy Sewerslvt and everything sounds the same. I like things spiced up with unique melodies and some interesting sound design and I try to go that way too.

| >>955198 how to make zoomer breakcore
1. grab a random amen break sample you either chopped up a little bit or a chopped up clip you found online.
2. generic atmospheric pads.

and the shit ends up being plain old borderline atmospheric dnb.

| Same reason most people like synthwave I imagine.

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This thread is permanently archived