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Opinion of AI Music?


| i like all music that isnt country or rap :)

| ^

plus, even as a musician, i *personally* don't mind ai music since i can steal some of their ideas just like they steal our ideas lol

other's mileage may vary, im not every musician

| it can only reproduce what it was fed theres not gonna be any meaning u don't bring to it

| It will kill music completely and any kind of art since people wont buy something they can get for free basically making no one work in the business which would lead to the fall of art

| >>954813 people can already get music for free. Artists make next to nothing off of streams. The money comes from merchandise my g/u/rl.

| i guess people may still make art but it will ai art will only just discourage them

| AI can't make art because it doesn't have sentience

| it's retarded.

| Just means more garbage like when asset store flips were popular. I could probably see a lot of people using it to save time and shit though so in the future it could be pretty hard to spot.

| I hate it but there is no doubt that some good stuff will be made through it

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This thread is permanently archived