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/mu/ needs more activity. share your recent discoveries.

| London Elektricity - Pull the Plug
really ahead of it's time jazzstep from 1999.

Red Vox - Afterthoughts

Stojche / Deniro - Pressure

| the escape from blue marble - strxberrymilk. already knew the artist but never listened to this album. i don't know why but i really like it

| maybe it should become /media/, where people also post images and videos.

Because the truth is yea it's a text board but... you're asking me to copypaste the name of my mp3 file into yeetube and then come back with a link... won't have it any other way and I just got too much lazy in me tbh

| didn't say you have to post links. it would be nice, but i understand the laziness.

| >>948869
fine. lately i've got

"Polish 80 music but you are riding into Donbas as a part of Article 5 NATO Joint Task Force"

"Kickstart My Heart but you’re avoiding Air Defense in World War III"

"Out of Touch but the Miami PD are closing in on your motel hideout"

"Regiments are Marching but you are a POA division encircled by the Soviets"

| ...

"Червона калина but your counting the dead after a successful ambush"

""Марш нової армії" but you're defending your home to your last breath"

"Hava Nagila but you're the last line of defense at the Golan Heights"

"Ой у лузі червона калина but you're defending Kyiv"

| Hey you with the nothin’s new
Happy how do you do
You’ve got that funky groove
Hey you with a thing to prove
Don’t gotta act so cool
You’ve got that funky groove
Don’t let that funk flow
Out of your soul
Let the groove take control of you, baby
The music takes hold
Don’t ever let go
If you’re feelin’ funky groovy tonight~

| got sum more
Destroy Lonely - </3
nothing could've prepared me for the beats on this. there are some very noticeable moments of fucked mixing on some tracks. otherwise 10/10.
ESSENTIAL early liquid funk. originally released in 1999.

| if you're into drum and bass, go do yourself a favor and check out Hidden Agenda's discography. they had some of the best drum programming of their time. and the vibes.

| Grooverider - Sinister (The Influence Remix)

| tin drun - japan

| >>949079 *drum (lol)

| Fairy Tale Transparently -Remastering-: MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code

| https://soundcloud.com/hartofalion/made-by-human-prod-eera-kohl-1

| https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCnW2hq-0-3Urmz12oK2z3mQ

| Gnyonpix - Over 30

| Jay-Z & The Notorious B.I.G. - Brooklyn's Finest

| Commix - Generation EP 2

i read something interesting about this, now single person, artist on dogs on acid once.

| Utsu-P - Ga
Love to see them trying new things.

| Life during wartime - Talking heads

| Lucki. His flow is so immaculate

| reichka - whatever

| >>950039 he's in my top 10 :)

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