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Whats up with Latinos saying "Nigga" in songs?

| As a black man myself, its weird to see these border-hopping taco loving wetback beaners saying this.

| Forreal. Down with the beaners!

| it's weird in some states, some not. idrc cause what am i gonna do?

| >a black man on /u/
now this is some weapons grade larp

| what's the point in larping as a black man on /u/. what would that even accomplish.

| did op self reply or something.

| >>947241 silly OP. Everyone knows there are only g/u/rls on the internet.

| >>947241
>Says the racist black man
lmao, lol even

| Think it's just a product of black and latino men being lumped into the same shit.
The moment most black/latino people step in US they're pretty much treated like their black until they start speaking Spanish, even among AAs.
And I mean if you're from most places in the Caribbean, you likely have slave shit in you're blood.

| Even then though, it not like the entirety of SA was in racial harmony while the US was going through shit.
here's a good primer:

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This thread is permanently archived