what do you use for playing music

| physical stuff like mp3 players, desktop or mobile software.

i use foobar2000 and XMPlay. musicbee is great but it's a little overwhelming.

| Winamp, it really whips the llama's ass!


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| I use VLC on both my phone and my computers. I also hold onto Foobar and Audacity for editing and conversion

| Dopamine is my program of choice. Stylish, and has last.fm integration for my scrobbling.


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people still use last.fm???

| >>939359 it's a great spot to collect all your scrobbles from across platforms. How will I know how many times I've listened to a song without last.fm?

| MPD+ncmpcpp on my PC, Samsung music on my phone (used to use other apps, but I had issues with m3u playlists with them), and I use a Sansa e260 with Rockbox in the car.

| I use Navidrome as a music server and either use the web interface or DSub on my phone.

| >>939359 Yeah we do? Last FM isn't even dead yet, it got a resurgence thanks to the pandemic

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