Favorite Vocaloid tracks?

| C'mon, /mu/, don't die on me again. I can't take the stress.

What Vocaloid songs do you like? I'm especially fond of Tokio Funka, 6-Trillion Years*, Aishite3x, and Burenai AI De, though my absolute favorites would be Patchwork Eden (Sasakure.uk), and the various renditions on Strobe Light (Powapowa-P...)

| more rain by twinkle park

| Earthbound by Bernis

| >>938270 I see /mu/ also has some Hazel fans

| fan of Kire Carry On - Police Piccadilly

| Call me a casual but any Miku cover by Astrophysics is amazing

| Daniwell, Atols, 井田敬介, TKNmusic, ならかえで, Pohmi, Yunosuke, ガジェP(Gadget Prince), 花撫寺, SEE893 and 溝野あわ all have some good songs

| Huge fan of Kira's tuning in his songs, and I like a lot of hachi's songs like Donut Hole and Panda Hero

| I listen a lot to Utsu-P and the *very* old Circus-P stuff

| I've recently been pretty addicted to Kikuo and Mushi-P. Such a unique sound you can't really find elsewhere. Kikuo has some really nice stongs with Hanatan under Kikuohana if you're ever in the mood for something not vocaloid.

| my favorite at any given moment rotates a lot, but i have a short list of artists with nothing but bangers which includes: MitchieM, Yuyoyuppe, 23.exe, Giga, and wowaka. the full list is much longer but i always share this with people to give a taste of what's out there. the breadth of genres in that list will get just about anyone interested.

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