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Song recommendations

| Looking for some 10 to 15 song recommendations for a project i m doing

Themathically they involve tennis, some monster hunting, some robot actions, and some fantasy magic

It doesnt have to be word by word so i guess it ll be a wild guess. I ll also will credit you as the sound/music direction

| Uh... Those are four very different prompts. I'd love to help, but I need more description than that

| What sort of project? High energy, low energy? Any particular genres to go for, or avoid? Soundtrack pieces? Singles? Instrumental, vocal?

| For the prompts "robotic actions" and "fantasy magic," Children of the Omnissiah popped into my head. https://youtu.be/ztzq05IzYds It's from the Warhammer 40k Mechanicus OST. The entire OST kinda has that creepy-machinery vibe, so consider checking it out if it meets the criteria. https://youtu.be/ZLsX9WUdYnU

| >>937424 yes. What kind of description.
>>937465 animation and gamew mostly. Any kinds that fits i guess.
>>937476 i see. But robotic actions and fantasy magics are their own and not a mix. So it should be two different things at least.

| Sword art online battle theme.

| >>937523 which one

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This thread is permanently archived