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What are you g/u/rls listening to this morning?

| I've been listening to malleable and rhythm industry by rainsdeaf. https://forcedresignationrecords.bandcamp.com/album/malleable-rhythm-industry

| miracle in transit by naked flames. fun stuff!

| Ur mom noans

| >>371a15
I'm listening now, it's pretty good.

| I was jammin to some stuff on JSRFL

| >>890485 god I love naked flames I saw em live in NYC IT WAS GR8!!!

| Mint Jams. Always gets the day right.

| >>e092d7
Will take a listen, thanks for the recommendation.

| Koe, specifically the 2016 10th anniversary Scandal concert. I haven't been able to find that recording online again, too bad my backup is low quality

| HKE's 777 series

| >>890438 good rec, raw shmeat is really cute

| eiafuawn

| >>890676 ooooo Mint Jams is good.

| >>890618
Absolute gold. Great taste, g/u/rl. Love Casiopea.

| Ive been listening russian band "Give as a tank (!)"

| Usually in the morning I want to listen to something a bit more calm, I have a couple of different playlists so I peruse each of them until I find a song that I like.

Today when I woke up I listened to Karmotrine Dream and then while I was browsing this site I put on Safe Haven.

music gud

| Is it morning already? o.o
"apathy" (album) by Astrophysics

| >>890618 also listening to mint jams! :3

| Bandit Radio Remix

| Putumayo

| >>891883 That's some class, right there. Their first World Music compilation has some of my favorite tracks.

| >>891893 Correction: "World Groove".

| Newest album of Jinjer

| Listening to Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Myth & Roid, and Ali Project currently. In a darker mood at the moment.

| I've been really into this forgotten band named Carioca (https://discogs.com/artist/2579454-Carioca-5) that I've been unable to find much info on (:().

My favorite album so far is Dusk (https://youtube.com/watch?v=FHaUW05bRGA), which blends Brazilian music with classical music and occasional jazz led by a dynamic duo between acoustic guitar and electric keyboard (and sometimes a band ensemble).

| some songs from Mori Calliope,E ve and Ado

| some songs from Mori Calliope,E ve,Ado

| Dip! (feat. DavidTheTragic) by Kenny Mason

| Soundtrack to Napple Tale (Dreamcast), by Yoko Kanno. It's just so pleasant

| Been having some some shriek gba license as bacground music. Aside from the swampkart one thats been memed as the "worst game of all time". Their actually pretty alright.

| Looping the FLCL ost every morning for 5 years what's good

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