Getting into Classical music 2:Elelctric Boogaloo

| Not sure if I should just make a new thread just to respond to someone. but uh, OP from the last thread here.
I think my favorites of what was recommend was Debussy and Erik Satire.
I felt like mars and Jupiter was kinda eaten by what it influenced after. I would have probably been more :o had I not heard movie scores prior to listening.

| If you like Eric Satie and Debussy you might also enjoy Fryderyk Chopin.

If you haven't given Gnossiennes Nos. 1-3 by Eric Satie a listen you should do so too.

Jupiter and Mars definetly got eaten up by whatever they influenced, true, but I still enjoy listening to the whole album in its entirely. The last piece, Neptune, was probably the first piece of music to use a fade-out, which was accomplished by slowly closing the door to the room where the choir was singing from.

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