Favorite instrument to hear in a song

| I like a lot of music, but some instruments stand out when I hear them. And some are less common than others. What stands out for you?

I always appreciate a song that uses harmonica, but my favorite would be the bassoon. It's pretty uncommon to hear, and probably mistaken for a saxophone usually, but it has a tone that I adore.

| Harps make me swoon. 10/10, most angelic instrument by far. I've even considered getting harp lessons, despite the fact I have no musical talent and am completely tone deaf.

| Hell yeah OP! The bassoon is an amazing instrument but I've never heard it outside of orchestral music. The bassoon is my favorite part of Peter and the Wolf.

If there's an instrument I'm especially fond of there's little doubt it's the sarod. They're similar to sitars and most of you have definetly heard one without knowing. They tend to be popular in movie- and videogame soundtracks that features the orient or egypt.


| Since the sarod is fretless it can produce continuous slides between the notes. What you're hearing above is only a single instrument. It's relaxing, no?

| Koto is a lovely instrument I wish that was in more music! I feel like there’s a lot to explore with that instrument and I find it very cool!!

| cool acoustic guitar solos are my favorite

| pian

| steel drums are my favorite. saxophones are also sexy.

| Saxophone
Jazz based

| The vagina

| amen break

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