Lil darkie opinions and thoughts???

| I love his flows. Especially in Walking Down The Street.

His music is my comfy music but I'm scared to admit that I like his music because he says the N word.

His music makes me cry. I know its dumb to admit but On The Mountain made me cry so hard.

I remember watching this music video that was animated in 3D and it definitely looks like darkie animated it lmao. Because it looked like shit.

| I also really like all of his songs where he pretends to be/mocks white people. Banjo yell rap slaps my ass so fucking hard and I keep asking for more.

| I feel you. Him saying it is, iffy. He's mixed but none of it is african, so, you know. It's on some weird shit.

But I do gotta admit his music goes hard af. He's talented for sure and probably one of the best trap metal artists out there rn. At least the most mainstream-ish.

Music making you feel stuff is normal. That's how it should be lol. Means the artist did a good job.

That shit's funny af. I love it.

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