| Any g/u/rls with stories to tell about live shows they've attended? Your first concert, your latest concert, your favorite, or even performances you would particularly like to see some day.

I haven't seen a show in a while, but the last one was Aesop Rock performing at the local venue in my town. Great time, but far too packed. That place was 20°F hotter by body heat alone.

| I'm a bit introverted, but one of these days I decided to get out of my shell and go to a concert by this small band that was passing through town, their name was Mother Mother?
It was a bit overwhelming but a lot of fun until around after the fourth song in their set, where I decided to walk away from the stage for a bit and sat next to this dude and he put a fishbowl right on my head. Mf basically put me in a test tube, I stayed in it until after the concert was wrapping up 1/2

| 2/2 some security guys helped get it off me and helped me back to my car.
Pretty sure nobody did anything about it beforehand because they thought I was on drugs or something and I couldn't exactly call them over because well, there's a fishbowl on my head, they couldn't *hear* me.

I haven't gone to a concert since.

| My first concert was the Exociety concert in Atlanta! I embarrassed myself in public and a friend and I smoked weed outside during Scuare's set (sorry Scuare.) It was the first concert of their tour, and they were just screaming the lyrics a lot. It was very cathartic. At the end of the show I got Bill and Rav to sign my poster and CD! I asked Bill if he listened to Cumtown and he said that he shouldn't talk about it. He also said that my fit was tight! I thought it looked like shi

| t. Rav hugged me like three times and then I got nervous and left. Unfortunately Airo and Scuare werent there to sign my shit. I asked Shaka if he would sign my poster but he didn't have a marker and I had to leave because my dad was waiting for me in the venue parking lot. Tight show! I hope they tour again sometime. I will gladly go broke to see them perform again.

| I went to see KKB in SF once. It was a lot of fun! They have everyone jump to the beat while they play Trampoline. That was my favorite I've been to from the three or four I've seen. I'm hoping to see KGATLW next.

| Was hired as a security guard at a local jazz festival a few years back.

Usually the job includes stopping drunk people from fighting, making sure no unauthorised people get into the concert area, etc.

However, that year was a remarkably dry year, so in addition to the usual schtick our job was to basically go around with spray bottles to forcibly stop people from smoking if they didn't listen, which was great fun.

Getting to listen to the music was an added bonus.

| >>872929
Mother Mother is considered small? My friend is really into them to the point I'm more familiar with their songs than any popular ones.

Most of my favourite bands halfway across the globe and when they do manage to get here, I can't really afford the concert's entry. So no, I've never been to a proper concert. I never really like any of the local bands either.

Went to a few open mike nights though, if that count. They're pretty chill.

| What's up bitches?
I like to yell things into the microphone
And say bad words - monkeyfucker!
You know where you're at right now?
Take a wild guess.
You're at a concert
You're at show.

| This is a concert.
This is a show.

Live shows are heavy
Concerts are heavy

| Start up a moshpit
Mosh pits are badass
Start up a moshpit
Go fuck some shit up
Makes some fucking noise!
Let me see those horns
Show me your middle fingers
Now get your keys in the air
Now Fucking jingle those keys.
Put your keys away.
And Give your neighbor hug.

| You're at a concert!
Concerts are badass!
You're at a live show!
Live shows are bad, Fuckin', ASS!

| Psychostick is motivated today, I see. Got a new car to replace the old piece of shit?


| i always wanted to go to a concert but never get around to it, always very far away states not worth taking the trip to

one day....

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