| Do other g/u/rls listen to Exociety? I met one on twitter a couple of months ago. I personally really like Bill's shit. I initially didn't like his new album (Snowglobe Theory) but it has started to grow on me recently.

| I met a g/u/rl who also listens to Exociety*

| Never heard of 'em, but I am fond of Kill Bill. Gonna check them out, thanks g/u/rl

| Been listening to Bill and favorite aine I was ~15 and they probably shapes another of my taste. Bill was my favorite for awhile but now rav is and aero's stuff is great too.

| >>871043 sorry I had a stroke

| >>870881 >>871043 What's your favorite Bill album? I fell in love with Ramona when I listened to it for the first time but Resin quickly grew to become my favorite after I started listening to more of his stuff.

| >>871043 What do you think of Beneath the Toxic Jungle?

| >>871059 Ramona definitely remains my favorite. I listened to it with my younger brother on a very long road trip, making our way through backwater towns for a shortcut at 3 in the morning. That leaves an imprint on the album for me.

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