Breakcore recommendation central

| I am tired of everyone recommending me sewerslvt and goreshit everywhere I go. Give us breakcore artists.

I'll start https://sorryaboutmyface.bandcamp.com/

| >>867892 It doesn't make sense to talk about the big guys when people want
recommendations, I could just look up "breakcore" on yt and they'll be the first artists to show up.
Anyways here's the type of stuff I've been listening to lately, mostly atmospheric

optic core - Keygen
Ftlframe - You Hate Me That Much Huh?
633397 - ash
Pisca - Is your online persona an untamed unfiltered version of yourself?

| I recommend "xxtarlit"

| I've just recently discovered Nanaray and "Sorry about my face"
but I'm an eternal sewerfag

| *Nanoray

| tokyopill. I've also been listening to alot of Jungle, stuff like Photek, mainly the late 90s UK scene.

| Dj kuroneko, for example "murda" or "holy angel"

| >>868252 Examples :



I know this isn't breakcore, but its electronic music with breakbeats that I hope you'll find enjoyable. In the meantime, praise Venetian Snares and Meshuggah.

| >>9c7cf1 Love me some optic core.
>>ad2416 sorry about my face goated as hell.

After posting this thread I foudn ooxygen, in Explosions and stxwberrymilk. I mostly listen to their ambient tracks but I highly recommend

| >>867892 why are you looking here for recommendations, go to bandcamp under the break core genre and if you really don't want to do that find the discord of any underground break core artist.

| >>38e583 because I've made music
threads here before and g/u/rls don't miss

| sewerslvt isn't breakcore lmao.

| >>868252

good stuff mate. y'all should check out the whole scene. you guys will love it. some artists
- source direct
- hidden agenda
- goldie
- 4 hero (and their Tom & Jerry jungle project)
- lemon d

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