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VSTs thread

| What VSTs do you g/u/rls use? I have currently Sound Canvas VA which contains SC-88Pro and SC-55 alongside two others, 8820 I think. I wonder if there's a SD20 or SD90 VST

| Nowadays I make songs exclusively using the Moonbase Alpha voicebank. Yeah, you're limited to acapellas, but... I find that it's easier to use than vocaloids, and have grown used to them.
I haven't uploaded any of my work but you can check out how things like that work when done well at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDyoOx6CoTQ

| >>867287 share your shit bro

| >>867309 *sis

| I mainly use the Korg M1, Roland D50, and Synth1.
Korg M1 is a heavy recommend, you get a lot of stuff for it being 50 dollars.

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This thread is permanently archived