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ur fav music genre and why



| can't choose just one, but i really like any ambient or atmospheric music. got back into shoegaze + dreampop stuff recently, and i think indie folk/rock music will always have a special place in my heart (mainly nostalgia haha). the best music is so transcendent to listen to that it cannot be defined by genre alone :)

| Darkfolk or whatever music genre is this:

| >>863268 I forgot explaining why:

I like Darkfolk because of its use of nature sounds, combined with melancholic guitar, both aggresive and passive, makes me feel like in a peaceful (yet violent at the same time) trance.

| >>863266 based taste g/mu/rl

| >>863266 its really beautiful. when im listning music like this, i want to lost in forest and become one with the forest. i like it ! Have you ever heard of a performer like Estas Tonne ?

| >>863266 it's cool when music takes a special place in your heart and reminds you of pleasant memories <3 do u have favorite dreampop stuff's band ?

| Got into breakcore recently and like each piece has that feeling I can't really explain and get lost to in my mind when listening to it compared to other genres I've listened to, love the ones that has like an ambient part and then it just became a brainfuck.

Just some of my favorites

| >>863269 oh sry
i want to tell u about how i feel dark folk and want to lost in forest. i was listening a playlist that u added. i love it.

| >>863368 yeah i understand u. I also love some breakcore performers.
oh and i feel smth like u when im listening techno or trance music.

| >>863369 I'm glad that you like it! Darkfolk is really something special!

| >>863368 I also got into breakcore recently! Each and every breakcore song makes me feel quite similar to what you described as a braimfuck

| One of my favorite albums is a mix of vaporwave and ambient. Just like to chill late at night with no concern over time


| Psychedelic rock or Psybient or Psytrance or Chillwave/glo-fi or whatever music that is made by people on psychedelic drugs for people on psychedelic drugs

| glo-fi

| Jazz fusion because I prefer to hear instruments do some really fun but complex yet also groovy or catchy stuff. It's like eating a good meal unlike prog which is like doing your fucking taxes.

| >>e5d146 incredibly based choice, going in the work playlist

| >>864772 aka CIA-wave

My taste has been "anything electronic with heavy drums" for forever. All these songs are on my same playlist:


| Thrash/Death/Groove metal. Favourite albums are probably Human, Reign in Blood, Burn My Eyes, and Chaos AD. That being said, my current favourite album to listen to is Alone by Masayoshi Takanaka.

| breakcore fill my head with nonsense drums so i dont have to think :DDD

| >>865075 epic :D

| I love the music that plays into gran turismo's menu. it's like some fusion jazz thing but it's not exactly that. it just feels relaxing

| Rap. Words and cool beats and stuff yk? Lots of variation too.

| Sex ASMR

| >>864836 I like both jazz fusion and prog. The only thing I can see wrong with prog is many artists overcomplicating stuff or making it outright weird just for the sake of it. But those who chose to use the freedom the genre provides properly and use it for better expression sound beautiful, fun, captivating and all sorts of other ways to me.

| >>865070
Ever venture outside of the metal genre like 45 Grave?

| >>865070 human is based, but i like leprosy and symbolic more, original human master kinda sucks

| industrial probably, i used to be into postpunk but the aforementioned encapsulates anti establishment themes so much better which is oftentimes what i'm looking for in music. since it's preoccupied with some surrealist themes (coil are a good example) it manages to express its disdain with society and culture in a more subtle, yet also more effective manner than most genres people associate with rebelling against the status quo.that being said,i also like its less abrasive side...

| by less abrasive i am referring mostly to neofolk, which has some stunning musicality, particularly in some of coils works, as well as current 93 and death in june. the reputation industrial has as a relentless and ugly genre is smth i find misleading, as even the most transgressive bands (e.g neubauten) have a lot of beautiful songs in their catalogues. diversity is prob part of why i like it, but to me its also testament to talent not being as important as it is made out to be...

| -Jazz was my first love, being what I heard the most as a child. I particularly love John Coltrane, Lush Life is an amazing album.
-Afyer listening to a lot of Tool and Marilyn Manson in grade school, I found Black Sabbath. This led to an adoration of Doom Metal and Stoner Rock specifically.
-My hip-hop experiences delved into groups like Jurassic 5 and A Tribe Called Quest, then MF DOOM, and later Aesop Rock. I look for those jazzy beats and verbose lyrics.

| -Video Game and Anime soundtracks feel like their own genre at times, despite borrowing heavily from so much else. Stuff like .hack, Aria, Champloo, Bebop, Evangelion, Lodoss -and- Bomberman, JSR, Dragon Quest, and Katamari helped broaden my interests while still standing apart from their contemporaries.
-Finally, there's that garage punk, grunge, and punk field. I settled on the slower parts of the Riot Grrrl scene, like Heavens to Betsy.

... So really, it's a Top 5 genre list.

| Glad to see so many breakcore enthusiasts

I just want to recommend the kennel MAD BREAKS, I'm sure you'll like it

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