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Breakcore playlist

| Anyone of you g/u/rls into breakcore?
i heard mr.kill myself by sewerslvt and now i want more

| vertigoaway is fun, but dunno if that's even close, other than that sewerslvt is pretty good

| kaigi breaks is a fun track, a more known one rn could be moment, by vierre cloud. dig around a bit and you'll find some cool stuff

| >>859054
mebbe u will like axtrmnt.
‘everyone hates me’ is a good track, they have some stuff in bandcamp too ‘i dont want to feel anything anymore’ is also one of my faves

| try nanoray and machinegirl

| Tokyopill and Goreshit are good too

| Astrophysics makes a lot of good breakcore-ish stuff, his best imo combines breakcore and post-punk sounds, which I think works great together

| ya breakcore is good. you should checkout hardstyle if u haven't heard it yet

| Fuck yeah, I love breakcore! In addition to the artists already mentioned, I recommend checking out Ennnn, Maedasalt, Yumeholic, and GUNSLINGER-R.

| In Explosions and oOo are my favs right now

| you should listen to sorry about my face or venetian snares if you're looking for some less ambient stuff

| >>859236 Astrophysics is an amazing artist. Although I'd say that they are a wonderful vaporwave/vocaloid artist.

| Ecifircas by Sewerslvt is a breakcore song that I'd always recommend.
Other artists I like are:
- Astrophysics (sometimes they do breakcore)
- Goreshit (Fine Night is one of my fav music)
- Sewerslvt (A master of the art)

Some breakcore songs I like:
- Cyberia lyr1
- Fine Night
- Fleeting Frozen Heart by Xxtarlit
(My absolute favorite song of the breakcore genre)
- angelic by nihigo
I'm relatively new to breakcore but I love it.

| Lookup a lad named joyless, he did youtube vids but his music fits what you're looking for

| I haven't listened to a lot of the sewerslvt-and-forward breakcore but here's some older stuff.

proto hyperpop warning: https://youtu.be/oZrvKYiprQw

| https://youtu.be/qIu2nAnOKZw

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