Progressive Rock

| Been listening to formative bands (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Moody Blues, etc).
Any that come to mind?

| I love Yes, a lot of the music they released before the first disbanding (arount 80s, I think) sounds fresh even to this day. Many great ideas, dynamics, energy in their music. One of my favorite bands. Other obvious ones from that time would be Genesis and King Crimson. I also checked out a couple of albums from a barely known band from the same times - Second Hand. Don't recommend but check out this one track from them, I dig it a lot, lol:

| Oh, there were also IQ and Big Big Train which appeared later but to me they feel like a logical development of more iconic bands that preceded them. Didn't listen to much from IQ but Big Big Train have a lot of fine pieces imo.

| By development I meant development of overall sound of the genre, not necessarily them being better.

| prog rock is for fags

| check out zeuhl subgenre, is pretty interesting, Ruins are a zeuhl band

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