Melancholy Funk?

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Trwc34OIwlw
could just be in context of the anime it's from. But This song feels like your taking a stroll in a city your grew up in, reminiscing but also understanding as to how and/or why those times are distant memory. I honestly did not expect this considering the genre. Can anyone recommend any music that has a similar vibe?

| Never heard anything like this but maybe searching for funk + soul will give some results

| Citypop would be the genre you are looking for.

| Tell me if one of these two examples fit what you are looking for.

| Or maybe you want something like this:

| Try the L'Opera Fragile or Around the World albums from Kazuhito Katoh. They blend Latin funk with jazz very nicely.

| >>857369 Sorry for the late reply. It kinda hit me that does sound a bit like slowed down, mellower Citypop track.

>>857372 While it wasn't quite the vibe I initially came for, the stuff you posted made want to go down a new rabbit hole.

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