How the music from safe haven helped me mentally.

| So little story for you g/u/rls. I don't exactly have my life together and have frequent moments where i am at a low. Then i remember a game i used to play for hours called va11- hall - a and i started listening to the soundtrack separately because i remember it being calming. Now it's turned into my comfort music and a while back someone posted a youtube playlist with songs like safe haven.Thank you all for indirectly helping me through some tough times love you g/u/rls <3

| I love sex too.

| Safe Haven should be bundled with the app and autoplay by default

| >>857299 settings> startup music my friend. music player's kinda in disrepair atm though.

| whoops format fail

| >>857380
Thanks! But the music is streamed so I have it turned off to save bandwith when I'm not on wifi. I agree that removing the ost to make the app size smaller was a good idea but they should've kept that one song since it's the same song that plays while Jill browses dangeru.

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