A nice little thing i noticed about Safe Haven

| When you run it through a spectogram (at least the one i used) the intro to the song looks like a rainy cloud thats passing by c:

| Ooh, got a pic of it? Or a free program with a spectrogram?

I wanna see!

| love lain

| >>856738 please post a pic of it OP! I also want to see it too.

| Yeah, post it OP! I want to see it. Or at least tell us which program/hardware you used.

I tried a few different spectograms but couldn't find any rain clouds but if you upload the track to this online spectogram it kinda looks like a cloudy sunset.

To download the song just paste this link
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h39vfoLb_4 into this site https://yt1s.com/en252/youtube-to-mp3

| Shoot my bad yall i forgot to check here. Ill see if i can send a pic somehow. What site do yall share music on?

| https://imgur.com/Bx3FU8R

That should the link. I used foobar2000 to view it. It slides through the window so it took a few resizing to get it to show. Also it might just be me who thinks it looks like a cloud

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