Good audio editing apps?

| Are there any good editing apps in the store? I can somewhat mix okay with a computer but i need something i can use in a portable sense because i get confined in the hospital on a monthly basis :)

Also are those lapel thingies that you can attach to your phone okay to record songs to?

| >>856455 i'm little worrying if is editing in phone good idea, i can more recommend laptop or tablet-pc probably

| >>856548 that's the thing. Of course i accept that it wouldn't be the best but i really need something portable that i can use on my phone. Do you have recommendations for apps to use for tablets, then?

| the only app I use for music on my phone is Caustic, but I don't think it would work well for anything serious.

| Garage band can be pretty decent, I guess

| BandLab works fine if you want to work with real-life instruments/voice(s). Just record anything and edit. Not as good as a fully-functional DAW, but still.

| >>856857 i'll definitely check this out. I think i'm trying to find the best app to atleast edit the white noise when recording. It's so loud sometimes

| I heard of FL studio mobile. But its a little pricey.

| >>856571 tablet-pc is tablet using x86 architecture, so you can have common Windows or Linux on it, for example devices like Surface or some Lenovo in 2019 but i believe that there will exists more devices like these

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