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I tried to make a va11 hall-a themed Spotify playlist for you g/u/rls

| I am not the best at making playlists but i still wanted to capture the feeling of the bar while i was cooking and instead made it into a playlist for you all! I hope some of you g/u/rls at least like it.

| Feel free to submit any songs that you want to see added <3 or perhaps even removed :)

| Wonder if the same playlist could be done on youtube

| Like this? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCIe3tiKofqfMom1fKR6vJ8XTsOY4D9so

| oh hey

| wish I had any songs to add to it, but lately I've been stuck listening to the same shit.

it's slowly driving me nuts

| >>855520 here you go https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd2sHpmVIoHXCF6xM1JPXNXLY2nwjwml7

| Some suggestions
Green Horn and Sintranet by Garoad
On the Lamb, Between Male and Female from the Catherine full body ost
Friends by cute girls doing cute things
Twilight Marina by Mitch Murder
Leaving by Epoch
Elliptical by Memodemo

| thanks for the youtube ones, I don't like spotify

| >>855703 much appreciated ill add them when i have time

| hi(gher) by Overpade might fit
And thank you for the list!

| >>856256 i love it i'll definitly add it

| >>855703
>Leaving by Epoch
most of the paradise killer OST could go on imo

I recommend Hong Kong 2046 by Hong Kong Express.

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This thread is permanently archived