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T/u/esday Morning /mu/ for the 5th of April

| Gonna start doing these weekly. Let's chat about what we've found, what's new, what's coming soon.

For myself I've been getting more and more obsessed with Calibre and his more personal releases as Dominick Martin. Most recently his compilation series Shelflife reached volume 7.if you're in to Drum and Bass I'm sure you've already heard of him, so check it out!

| Emancipator's Sea to Sky is incredible. I don't think I ever stopped enjoying his music

| >>849975 that's some good shit. Going to listen to some more of that later on tonight. Real chill vibes

| I would love to see these posts weekly. Might not always reply on time, but still. I download dozens of albums a week, 'cause yarr.

This week, I listened to various Japanese post rock and dub bands (mostly from 80's and 90's). Highlights were:
-Mass Of Fermenting Dregs
-Stomach Of Gypsys

| It's >>27b84d again. I feel like I should specify my favorite albums from each band:
-Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs' "World Is Yours"
-Fishmans' "Uchuu Nippon Setagaya"
-Stomach Of Gypsys' "Dog Day Afternoon"
-BOaT's "Soul, Thrash, Train"

| >>850178 MasuDore has been a favorite of mine for a while too. I think I listen to "You" on a weekly basis

| Japanese Shoegaze is.. powerful. MasuDore, Yuragi, My Dead Girlfriend, Spool. The list goes on

| >>850023 Mass of the fermenting dregs are extremely underrated (well mostly because not a lot of people know them). I discovered them 3 or 4 months ago, now I don't listen to them too much but if one of their songs play while I have my playlist on shuffle I never skip it

| I also discovered this week PASSEPIED, another Japanese band. they are an indie-pop (maybe even something else, idk) band, their songs are great and are able to cheer me up like nothing else can

| I heard a jazz big band cover of A Perfect Circle’s Magdalena and it’s incredible.

I recommend checking out Miho Hazama’s m_unit if you enjoy classical or jazz, it’s a really unique sound that I love

| I have read a lot of manwhas about reincarnated The Villainess, and almost all are the same, but god I love them.
besides that, I got a new digital tablet so practice, practice and practice for me the last days.

| Playing Foolz. I was needing some GOOD hip hop and found it with them.

| I've been listening to Salvatore Ganacci. I'd describe it as hardbass that's been toned down for the general public. It's pretty good, but skip the tracks with guest vocalists imo.

| This is pretty chill and what I am listening to this Sat/u/rday Morning.


| Earl Sweatshirt non-stop for me

| I've been listening to a lot of nightcore

| >>851251

| >>851413 ^◡^ https://youtu.be/vg4m1KxYLT8

| >>851489

| >>851892 love this

| I've been listening to Pendulum by Candlemas which is an album of their demos https://youtu.be/xufKEmjzJTI

| >>850110 MasuDore are fantastic, I'm seeing them live in August at a festival in the UK

| https://youtu.be/oRGDhgITetc

| currently listening to Rogue Satellite by Omni Trio. it's a drum n bass track I found in a video of a bottom emoji plush bouncing around on the floor because somebody had put a vibrator inside of it.


| https://youtu.be/TXQBHblSCIc

| Been listening to Astrophysics,Carpenter Brut,Rob Zombie and some other stuff recently. Really digging Leather Terror.

| Oh and also JK/47.

| https://youtu.be/iLcCkqOGowI

| Got introduced to Breakbot. I can't escape now.

| Albums I've been enjoying in the past week. Mostly varying genres of rock, with an exception:
Ministry's "Land Of Rape And Honey"
Jethro Tull's "Aqualung"
Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath" and "Paranoid"
Witchcraft's "Witchcraft"
Ningen Isu's "Fuchiku"
Primus's "Frizzle Fry"
The Sword's "Gods Of The Earth"
Sleep's "Holy Mountain"
Inabakumori's "Weather Station"

| >>854389 good rec. have you ever heard Louis Cole?

unrelated house track:

| Mastodon's Leviathan


| https://youtu.be/fVuSYUNAekc

| https://youtu.be/KraAjSNvNnY

| >>783b08
omni trio is so good <3


| do you like moe chiptune? here is some good moe chiptune:

>>855219 these are incredible thank you for sending

| >>854644 Just peeped. I wasn't sure what I felt but after listening to a couple of tracks, I kinda like it. Thanks for this.

I'm gonna plug Plini while I'm here again; If you're into instrumental rock, you should absolutely give them a listen.


| https://youtu.be/GIuBpl7k_eU

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