So, I released an EP

| Feels good to finally get a project bigger than a single out.
5 tracks, a feature, commissioned (really fucking good) cover art by song-chan, a narrative, worked with multiple different producers, etc.

Took a while, but it's a super fun process. So, to anyone who might be wanting to do some shit like that but is unsure, go for it! It's worth it.

| you have a link to your ep? i'd like to listen to it

| >>821479
Mhh. Sure.
It should be on most other platforms as well, except for SoundCloud (I'm working on that, but the copyright system there is broken).
If this counts as, like, advertising and stuff, then mods, just delete this reply. But I'm assuming it's okay since I don't really earn any money and it's been allowed before.

| >>821484 Good work, pretty creative sound.

Your vocals are good, don't be afraid to mix them a little louder!

| >>821513
I'm glad!

Appreciate the feedback! I'll keep that in mind.

| Wonder how song-chan's doing. Wishing her all the best

| >>821534

| Before listening, I want to say that album art is seriously cool.

| >>821669
I agree! It's amazing!
Song-chan's art is top tier.

| >>821534 she has a youtube channel and uploads a song there once a month or something. Hope she's ok!


Great work, g/u/rl! I checked it out and it sounds good so far! Though I do agree with the other g/u/rl to mix it a little louder with your vocals, but besides that, pretty good!
The art is cool, too.

| >>822218
Yeah! She does.

Thank you! Appreciate it. And, yeah. I will be making sure of that in the future.

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