Been on a VGM EDM binge. Whatcha got?

| Bomberman Hero, Wipeout, Radirgy, and N2O have been on repeat throughout the week. Any other soundtracks out there that come to mind, filled to the brim with grooves and hard tracks?

| On the off chance you haven't heard ace combat soundtracks they're great. 4 and zero are the ones that stand out to me

I really like the soundtrack of the game fallow too, though it's not that energetic

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AudD6KRpXE
CROSSNIQ+ is less of a game with an OST and more of an OST with a game. The vibes are immaculate.

| Ssx 3 has some 2000s hood classics

| Not sure if this counts but SOUND HOLIC is a music group that uses Capcom OSTs. They have some bangers.

| >>820643
"Sex 3: S3x" is the better game. i'm not the only one to hold this opinion, there is a quite large number of other sex-enjoying anons on this board

| >>820911 I love sex.

| If you don't follow them already, I would recommend almost anything by Camellia, they've been part of a lot of vidya and are known in the Vocaloid community as well (Systematic Love is good shit). On that note, if you're into swing influence, Mad Rat Dead is one of my favorite OSTs, which Camellia is featured on.

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