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Hipster hours

| What are the most underground songs you've listened to? I have a few, but idk if I can consider them hipster music. What would you consider to be hipster-like?

| Probably '68 Comeback's "A Bridge Too Fuckin' Far." Patchy garage rock recorded on what sounds like a Fisher-Price tape recorder. It's not particularly great, some of the songs hurt your ears even at reasonable volumes, and frankly speaking, some tracks are dogshit.

But... you've probably never heard about 'em.

That's what hipster /mu/'s been to me for ages; indie bands, usually local, whose music isn't necessarily good. Doesn't have to be. Just has to NOT be popular.

| Not really hipster but im still surprised how not many people know Amnesia Scanner. I guess its not for everyone.

| A friend was in a local band called Pet Rocks And Fake Flowers. Haven't checked if they've released any new music lately, but they pop up in my shuffle playlist now and then.

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Internet seems to deny its existence

| Check the lastfm listeners or if the artist even has spotify
Lots of modern hipster shit tends to be extremely low listeners and like above girls said probably local. If not local it's probably from a country that tends to not have as many artists on spotify.
Here's a song from one of the more obscure groups I really enjoy https://youtu.be/LQYPz_GWeVI

| Big Blood, I've shilled them before here and on mu and for good reason, can't really suggest any specific song or album as they have a pretty big discography and each album is wonderful and different but if you find some of their music tough to take in they have a handful of covers that are easier to digest till you get used to their sound

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I've also got two more suggestions because I can't help myself. Francis Bebey and Yamasuki Singers. The former is a French African artist from the 70's who made an amazingly distinct and very pleasant album and the latter is a group of again French artist who made pseudo Japanese French funk featuring the father of one of the members of Daft Punk idr which one

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