Iphone ADs music..

| Seriously, I can't be the only one that really hates them right? It just sounds really annoying and soulless

| Mobile ads in general are very boring and lifeless, so it's not a surprise that the music is equally annoying and souless.
Sometimes the music they use isn't even theirs, i've seen ads with free domain or stolen songs.

| Even samsung ads actually sound better than whatever apple is trying to shove down my ears

| Apple suxx lol
A company that forces you to buy a charger, something that was supposed to come in the box of the phone, isn't a good company

| yeah but you forgot 2013 iphone 5c commercial which featured Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells. and apple is going very hard on the bops department this year since they got a. g. cook to do an intro video in their latest livestream

i hate apple devices with all my heart, but i honestly think they have the best ads, even when they are truly infuriating (the "what's a computer?" kid) they are somewhat memorable and memeable.

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