Your favorite musical genres?

| What are your favorite musical genres? Mine are synthwave, vaporwave, chiptune, darkwave and chiptune!
I listen to almost every musical genre tho, but these ones are my favorite.

| Too secret to share on here. You might contaminate em! Something like that

| Future Bass for EDM and Shoegaze for rock. I still don't know how to recognize shoegaze, it sounds like math rock, but whenever I listen to rock songs I often find out it's shoegaze.

| Eurobeat, j-pop, classical rock, ambient, dark ambient, synthwave

| Igorrr
It's a genre by itself

| Progressive rock, art rock, classic rock, jazz, jazz fusion, funk, indie, ska, groove, old r&b, primus

| >>bc3f2a haha, no need to feel pressed to share g/u/rl. Enjoy the thread if you want!

| >>7fdc2f very interesting!
EDM is a good genre, and future bass is kinda neat too!
I've never heard any shoegaze songs. Care to recommend me some?

| >>63e7ff you have a good taste! What are your favorite dark ambient and synthwave artists/bands/songs?

| >>8269e8 interesting... Never heard of this genre

| >>1b5c25 Cool! What are your favorite funk and groove artists/bands/songs?

| Liquid Drum 'n bass always makes me feel things. Acoustic music is what I listen to when I want peace. And there are two specific albums I love a lot that I can't define their genres.
These ones are different from each other, but please let me know g/u/rls what music genre would you call them each.


Gregory and The Hawk - Moenie and Kitchi:

| 1. Jazz (John Coltrane, Jazz Epistles)
2. Industrial (Nine Inch Nails, Ministry)
3. Hip-Hop (Jurassic 5, Aesop Rock)
4. Metal (Tool, The Sword)
5. Punk (Heavens To Betsy, Guitar Vader)

| Northern Soul, Afrocarribean, Synthwave, 00s Eurobeat (think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hx1YEKFjB8) and 70s-80s Soviet rock music.
I either have all the taste or no taste whatsoever, and I'm fine with this.

| Sex ASMR

| >>806608 based

| Breakcore, lolicore, denpa.

| >>806476 Vulfpeck, Parliament, Stevie Wonder also has a lot of funk inspired tracks

| >>806476 Vulfpeck, Parliament, Stevie Wonder also has a lot of funk inspired tracks

| >>806472 ah man, I forgot a lot of them. The only thing that comes to mind at the moment is a band called Hades because I recently listened to an album of theirs called My Dead Girlfriend.

| Recently I've been listening to a lot of the original lo-fi hip-hop stuff, like Nujabes and Fat Jon. The whole Samurai Champloo soundtrack really goes but it's tough to find. I recommend giving it a shot if you like the modern wave of lo-fi hip-hop.

| >>806826 If you're going into the Samurai Champloo soundtrack, you'll be going for these nine releases:

| The Original Soundtracks
The unofficial, unreleased soundtrack
-The ripped version, containing all clips
-2Mello's remastered version of the major tracks, "Lost Lullabies"
The video game soundtracks
-Sidetracked OST
-Sidetracked Rhythm Track CD (A promo disc with extended cuts of five tracks)
And this album:
-Hydeout Collections: Vol. 2 (Contains "Counting Stars", a Nujabes track featured in episode... 14, I think?)

| Synthwave // and Sovi/e/twave mix radio ☭

| metallic hardcore for sure

| >>806608 unironically though

| Rap, R&B, pop, punk rock,

| >>806384 shoegaze is called shoegaze because of heavy use of guitar pedals and fx chains which makes the guitarists look at their feet all the time. usually they make echoey or droning sounds, while other bands use the same pedal stacks to make other genres like psych rock.
I recommend Melody's Echo Chamber and Candy Claws!

| As for my favorite genres, I've gotta go with math rock and IDM.

| Metal with church chords

| I listen to Meshuggah and Jason Crumer


| Not gonna lie, these specific genre names feels so silly sometimes, like we all just bang two words together and boom, new genre.

Anyway. My taste is still trapped in alt rock and pop punk from the 2000s and anything else that sound like those. My stupid obsession with rhythm games also mean I like artcore, hardcore, and any of these 140 BPM+ electronic music, apparently.

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