How do you practice music like in general?

| I like listening to music but it kinda hit me I don't actually know anything about it.

Like what defines a genre? What makes pop different from rock? What actually is pitch? What actually is rhythm? I don't know how to clap along to a song in tune and while it isn't all that important I'm kinda sad that I don't get something I enjoy.

| $50000 of music training per month.

| There's nothing wrong with picking out terms and aspects of a subject that you don't understand, and researching them. An article, a video, there are always ways to learn. My suggestion is to find specific things and educate yourself on them individually.

Learn how time signatures work, how harmonic scales work, how instruments are played, stuff like that. If you slowly build up some basic knowledge on specific bits and pieces, they'll begin to contribute to eachother to form a stronger understanding.

| Musicians are always learning, always improving and experiencing new details of the art. I have difficulty playing music, but that doesn't stop me from searching for information about what I'm listening to, why it sounds unique, and how to appreciate the intricacies involved.

| And maybe, after learning different things, you'll be able to attempt your own work.

I try to listen to as a wide a varoety of music I can get ahold of, to experience all these different worlds. I'll look into techniques used to accomplish specific soundscapes, and sometimes try to replicate them if I have the means to do so. Otherwise... It's just practice.

| As far as instruments go, a teacher is a boon. I have a saxophone that I can't play because I don't understand what I'm doing wrong with it. I can't get it to sound right, likely due to not understanding how to use reeds. If you can find a teacher, or just someone eho's willing to give some personal tips, they can better teach things that require a lot more trial, error, and accustomation than others.

| Read about the differences, listen to bunch of music, look out for similarities and differences, watch some videos, all that stuff. It should start making more sense naturally after a while of that.

| I usually masturbate to build an internal rhythm and make music based off the tempo of masturbation.

| Reject rhythm and theory, embrace the Trout Mask Replica

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