Sewerslvt released album

| Big sad

| They are big bad since Mr.Killmyself

| No one cares

| At least shr said goodbye.

| She*

| I care

| >>803381 I believe it is a goodbye to the dead GF, not to the public

| It really shines on all the joy and goodbye. Both are downright hypnotic. The rest is alright, but I feel like I'd appreciate it more during a later relisten or something.

Technically both? I mean yeah, it's the finale to the whole "I feel like shit without you" thing, but it's just as much of a goodbye to the listener. Hiatus and all that.

| >>e1fe17 yeah, I guess it's a goodbye to both

| Tbh I'm also a bit excited. Is she going to come back under a new persona and a brand new style of music? Either way, I'll be waiting.

| >>805281 That's a nice way of looking it.

| >>805281 that would be cool, but evrn if she does, how do we know it's her?

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